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Friday Feature: Jasmine Hill on Personal Experiences!

So I am uber excited to welcome another fellow Totally Bound author! Jasmine Hill is a multi-published author who has alot to share!

Without further ado, meet Jasmine!

Jasmine’s alter ego lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and their Border Collie. She enjoys cooking, travelling with her husband, outdoor activities and skiing. She loves reading all genres but in particular she enjoys romance novels and thrillers and her Kindle is never far from her side.
Jasmine loves writing and is always looking for new ideas for stories that will provoke inner passions, stimulate the senses and ignite the imagination.
She has won some short story competitions but now she is excited to be publishing her first novel, From Leather to Lace through Total-E-Bound publishing. Later this year, also through Total-E-Bound, Jasmine’s second romance, Serena’s Submission will be published.

Personal Experiences Providing Erotic Inspiration

I am excited to be invited to C.A.’s Friday Feature. Today I am going to share with you, some of my inspiration for stories and how I try (where I can) to experience the things that I write about.

Earlier this year I was excited to publish my first novel – From Leather to Lace. My latest release, in Totally Bound Publishing’s Lust Bites range, is Serena’s Submission. BDSM is the key genre for both of these stories and Serena’s Submission, particularly, is packed full of kinky BDSM elements.

Whilst I definitely haven’t experienced all of the things that I write about, I have had the opportunity to visit a BDSM club and take part in the BDSM activities. This was an experience that I will never forget. I was bound, spanked, whipped, clamped and waxed – all whilst wearing nothing but a pair of G-string panties and on display before quite a crowd of enthusiastic onlookers! This might sound extreme, and I have to admit that at the time I hadn’t yet ventured into novel writing territory, however it was a unique experience and one that I am glad that I can draw on today. I also have to admit that I would definitely do it again – it was exciting and exhilarating and let’s face it – we only live once!

Recently I have started Pole Dancing classes as I have a view to including a pole dancing element in one of my next stories. This has proven to be a lot of fun with the additional benefit of a rather intensive work out. People of all persuasions and ages are enjoying pole dancing at the moment as an alternative form of exercise and I must admit that I love it! Another advantage is that I get to wear outrageous platform stilettos and booty shorts as part of the ‘uniform’ – what’s not to love! Currently our class is working on a routine to Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” – it is sexy and fun and hopefully, when we learn our routine, we will totally look the part.

I can draw upon both of these experiences for inspiration and interpretation in my writing. It is also exciting (albeit often intimidating) to step out of my comfort zone and try something new and different.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to share these experiences with you and I thank you for reading. My second, and latest release, Serena’s Submission, is now available for early download through Totally Bound Publishing.

Jasmine has not one, but two fab reads to share with us!

Will her deception threaten her first chance at love?

Sarah Maddox is a beautiful, intelligent and sexy journalism graduate – she is also Mistress Kitty the Dominatrix. Sarah loves her Dominatrix role at Fantasy – the exclusive Sydney BDSM club. Only her best friend knows what she really does each evening and her secret is safe until she meets the charming, handsome and successful Maxwell McIver who turns her world upside down and has Sarah questioning her priorities and wondering – has she finally met the man for whom she would be willing to compromise?

Handsome Maxwell McIver at 35 is one of the richest men in the country – sophisticated and powerful, Maxwell is accustomed to getting what he wants and after meeting Sarah at a party, he decides that he wants her. He has always avoided serious relationships but Sarah has captivated him and once their romance starts to heat up he decides that he doesn’t want to let her go. But like Sarah, Maxwell is also hiding something, a secret that will threaten their newfound relationship and have Sarah reeling with indecision and uncertainty.

He wants her submission, she wants a story – the collision of
their desires is explosive.

Serena Davies is on a mission Рto write an expos̩ on the BDSM scene and in particular about the infamous BDSM club, Club Erebus. Little does Serena anticipate that her under cover mission will not only lead her deep into the BDSM scene but will also lead her into the path of Dominant Aaron Blue, who will awaken in her previously unexplored dark and erotic desires.

When Aaron sees Serena enter Club Erebus he recognises that she is a natural submissive and vows that he will have her. He proposes to show Serena the BDSM scene and be her protector while she explores her darker urges on the stipulation that he will become her Dom.

Serena agrees to Aaron’s proposal and finds herself immersed in a world where pleasure and pain are one, a world that ignites in her a desire and need to be dominated and arouses in her an unexplored sexuality.

Serena fears that Aaron will discover her true agenda for visiting Club Erebus and if that happens, she worries that no punishment would be severe enough to satisfy him.

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