Sunday, February 7, 2016


Exciting news! I have a new release, and it's been out for a week or so, but I was waiting for all the retailers to have it live before I told you guys, in case yo didn't see it on FB or Twitter!

FATE'S CALL (A Novella from the world of the King's Riders) is now out!


A runaway daughter, seeking escape from abusive hands.
A journeyman tanner willing to risk safety to aid her.
When Jarek steps into the alley to toss out the trash, he finds Erron and can’t look away. Even when her father roughly jostles her out of sight, claiming she’d made a wrong turn.
He should leave well enough alone, but those desperate eyes haunt him. And he’s never been one to turn his back on someone in trouble, especially the most beautiful lass he’s ever seen.
He just never imagined it’d be his life in jeopardy, and his heart that needs saving.

Read an excerpt on my website! (or you can click on either picture here)

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*ARe to follow

If you're not caught up on The King's Riders, you're still okay checking out this novella! It doesn't have anything to do with the main arc in the series, it's a different set of characters' stories!

Friday, February 5, 2016

DEBUT Author! ROYAL HERITAGE by Theodore G. Rork!

Okay, tearing up here. I have a very special writer friend who has his DEBUT BOOK OUT! 
This is so awesome, I can't even express it!!

CONGRATS Ted!!!!!!!


The Pessiridis family—wealthy Greeks—sell their department store and flee their home in Russia because of the coming revolution. They take only a cache of smuggled FabergĂ© diamonds and rubies.
What should be an adventure turns into a nightmare when they narrowly escape capture by the Ottoman Empire during World War I. They once again flee and sail for Greece; forced to overcome loss and fight for survival. 

Murder and lingering wars keep them from their beloved homeland still, and they seek refuge that lasts years, until peace is restored. 

Finally, they make it to Greece, scrounging and living on the constant sale of precious gems, only to have tragedy strike when they lose their fortune and have to contend with World War II.
Over the years, the journey of life shows the Pessiridis’ that sticking together as a family is key. Together they triumph. Apart, will they fall?

 Buy it now!

*B&N to follow.