Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tell Me About it Tuesday welcomes back Lavender Daye!

My lovely CP, Lavender Daye has a FAB guestpost, so I'm going to let her have at it. *wink*

Why Men Should Read Romance Novels
(Advice from a Wife and Romance Novelist)

There are many reasons why a woman would want to read a romance novel. Usually used as a means of relaxation or entertainment, romance novels allow the reader an opportunity to follow the progression of two people falling in love.  Women enjoy the story and the characters  and the hot man-flesh covers.
They think of the happiest times of their lives, like the time their hubby got down on his knees and helped rescue the kitten from under the tool shed and in the process cut through the building’s support beam, a water line, and the tip of his good boots.
In every woman’s life, there is a wonderful man who supports her choice of career and acknowledges her desire to read what men term ‘foo-foo stories’ or emotional ‘make me cry and laugh at the same time’ books.
Guys, I have to tell you that you’re looking at this scenario from the wrong perspective. When your woman reads a romance novel, it leaves her in a happy mood, a feeling of joy and contentment hovering around her. Learn to take advantage of it.
This sense of happiness only lasts so long before it fades back into reality. This is the time to jump in with your wish list.
“Honey, I just got a chance to go on a two week fishing trip. What do you think?” The answer, if you’ve judged the mood just right, could easily be a quick “Have fun!”
Once you’ve discovered the sweet spot of a book ending euphoria, the sky is the limit. Hunting trips. Sports playoffs. A new boat or truck. Sky’s the limit.
Now is the time to get busy with a new subscription to your wife’s favorite book club. Remember, the more she reads those hot love stories, the more you get to feel the aftereffects.  Don’t let the opportunities pass you by.

Sorry, ladies.
Men tend to read nonfiction or some form of fiction that often mimics their choice in movies, i.e., things that blow up, explode or get shot.  (This comes not from a reputable research project but from personal observation, since I have a wonderful hubby and sons.) Their end game doesn’t mimic the euphoria and can’t be tracked for rewards.

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Lavender  Daye lives in Texas with her own private Prince Charming, two kids, two cats and a large brown rug..um,  dog. She spends her days writing sexy contemporary romance, sometimes adding a hint of suspense or tossing in a little dominance and submission.
Look for her new book, Wonder Lust available December 16th.


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