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RELEASE DAY BLITZ! Lucky One by Christie Mack!

TITLE: Lucky One
AUTHOR: Christie Mack
RELEASE DATE: November 26th 2014

Logan Westervelt wore his heart on his sleeve until the day his wife and love of his life ran away in search of chasing her dreams in Hollywood, leaving him to care for and raise their two-year-old daughter Cassidy alone.
Now it’s two years later and the once-happily-married man is a single father who shies away from romance at the risk of his heart breaking all over again. To concerned family, he insists he's fine playing daddy without the fun of dating. Besides, he's been a little preoccupied with his daughter, who hasn't said a word since her mother left.
That is until aspiring country singer Ivy Jade Mackay arrives in town after her car breaks down, leaving her stranded and unable to continue on her journey to Nashville until the problem is fixed.
Ivy Jade has big plans for her future, and sticking around in Forest Grove, Alabama, isn’t one of them. But with little money to her name, she resorts to getting a job in town until she can afford to get back on the road with a reliable car.
Outside forces push them together with an undeniable attraction which neither Logan nor Ivy care to admit to. But when past lovers and career aspirations become a thing of the present, will the spark between them be enough to give Logan and his young daughter a second chance at love and Ivy a reason to stay? Will they be the lucky one for each other?




I'm a 27 year old Australian girl who loves nothing more than finding a really good romance book you can't put down until the characters get the happily ever after that they deserve. It was through reading that I decided to put pen to paper, or in this case, fingertip to computer key, and jot down the stories my brain comes up with. When I'm not reading the endless supply of books added daily to my iPad, I can be found tucked away with my laptop in front of me as I write about the many characters beg-ging me to tell their story, one book boyfriend at a time. You can drop me a line at any of the social networking sites listed below.



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Friday Feature: VBT: Take To The Sky By Gregory Jonathan Scott! MASSIVE GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm pleased to have a talented M/M author, Gregory Jonathan Scott on the blog. He's sharing his new release, Take To the Sky, as well as a delightful guestpost!

Cucumbers and Crisco

My recent adventure to the Grocery store was not what I expected, turns out it was incredibly entertaining. I thought.

What I’m about to say may shock you, or maybe not. That depends on your frame of mind and your experiences so far in life. Sorry to mention it wasn’t a hot guy pulling his shorts down so I could see his Calvin Klein’s or to take a sneak peek at his muscled butt like what happened a few weeks back at checkout line number two. What I saw this time started out as inquisitiveness and then it turned into a flat out OMG.

Once again it all went down while I was waiting in line to cash out my edible purchases at register number two. That aisle was becoming famous for me and would be a regular pit stop each Saturday morning if the same shit keeps happening.

Okay, I was minding my own business while loading up the conveyer with what I had in my push cart, when all of a sudden I spotted it moving toward the cashier like a dead turd it didn’t want to be. Just lying there like it was doomed. At first I thought, what on earth would somebody do with a cucumber that size? Especially that guy. He was in decent shape but not someone I’d call a health nut, so again I thought, ‘what on earth.’ The veggie was enormous and I honestly had no idea farmers grew them that big. Holy crap.

I then thought no further about it and figured, okay, he’s going to have a big salad for dinner or perhaps invite the family and maybe a few friends over to share the thing at the dining table. No big deal. From there I went about my business and finished what I started until my push cart was empty, with much smaller items than what was moving down the conveyer ahead of me. As I stood there waiting, I couldn’t stop staring at the great big vegetable. It was just so amazing and its size kept stealing my attention. I smirked and watched it wobble.

Once more, I went on minding my own business when I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind and heard a timid voice ask if he could squeeze ahead of me to add one more item to his purchases already moving down the runway.

If you are anything like me, I get irritated when one person starts loading the conveyer while the other continues shopping for additional last minute items that will be added right before it’s my turn to step up to the service window. For the love of Pete, get your shit and then get in line. That’s how it works.

HOW-EVERRRRRR. This little line crasher I let slide by and here’s why: The little man that tapped me on the shoulder and wanted to slip ahead of me had what I believe to be the dressing for the cucumber. I don’t know for sure, but I had a hunch. He was carrying the biggest bucket of Crisco I had ever seen, one that would be found in a large bakery that needs massive amounts of it. He brought up six pounds of the stuff in a single tub. Lots of it in my opinion.

My jaw dropped because I’ve heard of the many uses for Crisco and I’m NOT talking about adding it to any recipe in the kitchen. These guys had other plans for the tub of Crisco and I’m ninety nine percent sure that cucumber was part of the deal. My thoughts ran wild, my jaw dropped, my eyes just about popped out of their sockets and landed next to the cucumber and the Crisco tub. An OMG moment for sure. I was actually loving it and glad I was the one to be witnessing it. The boys were in love, I presumed, and were planning a healthy connection that involved the two items I could not stop staring at.

I’m a little bummed about what I’m going to say next because you just don’t see these two items being purchased together on a regular basis, or anything of this magnitude. I know you all count on me to properly document my adventures, because it’s the way it is and is expected of Gregory Jonathan Scott.

Here’s the kicker that griped my goat; I left my snapshot phone in the car so I couldn’t even get a picture to show how funny this was or pass on the shock factor that I was lucky enough to have bestowed upon me. If anybody can save the day and add a picture of the biggest cucumber they have ever seen to prove to others these monsters exist, please load it up and send it. A great big tub of Crisco would be funny too. Let the fun begin. Whoo-hoo!

Yours truly, Gregory Jonathan Scott

Book Title:   Take To The Sky
Author:  Gregory Jonathan Scott
Publisher:   Gregory Jonathan Scott LLC; 2 (October 14, 2014)
Book Length: 255 pages
Genre:  Gay, Romance

Book Blurb:

An angelic romance that’s Powerful, Suspenseful, Sexy, Uniquely Erotic, and Romantic.
In a secret Michigan Laboratory, an experiment developed a superior creation that was anticipated but not expected. He was the ultimate conception, a core life-being merged with avian. He was born with a gift, a rare one; the ability to fly.
His wings instinctively brought out the urge in him to fly, and Kellan's need to be free became his obsession.
When the dark, swirling clouds loomed one night, Kellan abandoned the place he had called home, taking to the sky in search of his freedom and to seal his heart that seemed incomplete.
Because Kellan's secret was too great for anyone outside the institute to know about, TC unleashed genetically altered Maniacs to bring him back.
Through independence, his amazing reality brought riveting adventures to a man he found and couldn't seem to live without. They get tangled with hair-raising suspense that adds heart-pounding tension to every attempt they make at living their unique affair. They faced uncertainty so hectic that staying together was the least of their challenges, and it caused many of their bouts with passion to spiral in and out of chaos.
Along their frenzied path to survive, hidden secrets surface about Kellan, prompting each move they make in order to truly set him free.
Could Kellan's one true love and passion to fly be the death of him?
It's a magnificently inventive adventure of menace, romance, and extreme erotic pleasures.


Meet Gregory!

Gregory Jonathan Scott was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he met and shared a life with Scott that began just out of high school. Meeting by chance in Grand Rapids before relocating to South Florida where they live now with their lovable Shetland sheepdog and a sweet stray cat that showed up one day and decided to make their house a home. As a child, Gregory was always told he had a creative imagination and the artistic ability to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Shortly after high school graduation, and together with his true love Scott, discovered the thrill of pottery and ceramic art. Here is where they opened a business for ceramists that quickly exploded before their eyes as the number one location for any hobbyist, storefront and scholastic industry looking for supplies related to ceramics and pottery. During this time, Gregory was approached by art magazines to write short articles and educational columns pertaining to the ceramic artistry. Captivating readers by his writing style grew fast, which ignited his desire to express himself further. From there, it began. Finding a love for writing, alongside his artistic hand, gave him inspiration to design and write this M/M romance Novel. Gregory and Scott are still together and are currently enjoying home life in South Florida.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tell Me About it Tuesday welcomes back Lavender Daye!

My lovely CP, Lavender Daye has a FAB guestpost, so I'm going to let her have at it. *wink*

Why Men Should Read Romance Novels
(Advice from a Wife and Romance Novelist)

There are many reasons why a woman would want to read a romance novel. Usually used as a means of relaxation or entertainment, romance novels allow the reader an opportunity to follow the progression of two people falling in love.  Women enjoy the story and the characters  and the hot man-flesh covers.
They think of the happiest times of their lives, like the time their hubby got down on his knees and helped rescue the kitten from under the tool shed and in the process cut through the building’s support beam, a water line, and the tip of his good boots.
In every woman’s life, there is a wonderful man who supports her choice of career and acknowledges her desire to read what men term ‘foo-foo stories’ or emotional ‘make me cry and laugh at the same time’ books.
Guys, I have to tell you that you’re looking at this scenario from the wrong perspective. When your woman reads a romance novel, it leaves her in a happy mood, a feeling of joy and contentment hovering around her. Learn to take advantage of it.
This sense of happiness only lasts so long before it fades back into reality. This is the time to jump in with your wish list.
“Honey, I just got a chance to go on a two week fishing trip. What do you think?” The answer, if you’ve judged the mood just right, could easily be a quick “Have fun!”
Once you’ve discovered the sweet spot of a book ending euphoria, the sky is the limit. Hunting trips. Sports playoffs. A new boat or truck. Sky’s the limit.
Now is the time to get busy with a new subscription to your wife’s favorite book club. Remember, the more she reads those hot love stories, the more you get to feel the aftereffects.  Don’t let the opportunities pass you by.

Sorry, ladies.
Men tend to read nonfiction or some form of fiction that often mimics their choice in movies, i.e., things that blow up, explode or get shot.  (This comes not from a reputable research project but from personal observation, since I have a wonderful hubby and sons.) Their end game doesn’t mimic the euphoria and can’t be tracked for rewards.

****COMING SOON**** 

Lavender  Daye lives in Texas with her own private Prince Charming, two kids, two cats and a large brown,  dog. She spends her days writing sexy contemporary romance, sometimes adding a hint of suspense or tossing in a little dominance and submission.
Look for her new book, Wonder Lust available December 16th.


More Lavender: