Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes DEBUT Author Carolyn Rae!

I am SUPER excited to have a friend of mine on here today. I have known this wonderful lady for a few years, and she's an AWESOME person.

Her romance debut is FINALLY out, and I am honored to have her here for an interview and a share!

Meet Carolyn:

An active member of the North Texas RWA, the Dallas Area Romance Authors, the Yellow Rose RWA and the DFW Writer’s Workshop, Carolyn has written several novels, including a series featuring people in the Witness Security Program.
Carolyn also loves to travel. On her mini-cruise to Coco Kay she spoke to the attendees of the Florida Romance Writer’s Fun in the Sun Conference about Luring Readers into the Story though Deep Viewpoint and followed up with Finding Time for Your Dream on a later Fun in the Sun Conference.

Q. Do you do any special research for your novels?

A. I saw an invitation to join an archaeological dig in Peru near Cuzco and researched all the equipment I’d need. Then I spoke with a friend who had been to Machu Picchu. She gave me pictures of the scenery and what the natives wore and told me about chewing Coca leaves to lessen the effects of high altitude. She said some natives just chew them because they enjoy doing it. I researched the history of Machu Picchu on the Internet and read in the newspaper about Yale University reaching an agreement with Peru about keeping some of the Machu Picchu artifacts, donated by Hiram Bingham who discovered it in July, 1911, and returning others to Peru.

Q. What’s your favorite genre to read? Do you write it?

A. I love reading romantic suspense, action adventure stories, thrillers and mysteries. I write romantic suspense and romantic thrillers.

Q. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?

A. I am working on the sequel, Romancing the Doctor. I have finished it and am waiting for it to be edited.

Q. Did you ever write a character you didn’t like? Or one that gave you problems, going against your intentions for them or your story?

A. Once I based the character of the hero on an interesting guy I’d met. However, in the  story, the character developed in his own way and was different from the man I’d met.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff. You know, just between the two of us.

Q. The opportunity to go on a surprise vacation arises. You have 90 minutes to pack and get to the airport. Where will you go and what will you pack?

A. I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, see the Parthenon, and visit some of the islands. I’d take my camera, a notebook, a bathing suit, some comfortable shoes and clothes, and my Kindle to read novels on the plane.

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

A. I love thrillers and romantic suspense

Q. If they make a movie about your life, who do you want to play your part?

A. Katherine Turner. She was great in Romancing the Stone.

Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us...it can be a secret...we won't tell. :)

A. I used to work in a federal prison in Fort Worth. When I learned I was going to be laid off, I was offered a job by one of the inmates. I turned him down.  He was a pimp.

Now for my FAVE PART! Tell me about the BOOK! (THE COVER IS FAB!)

Megan McKinley finds searching for gold fascinating when she meets attractive photographer Joseph Logan. However, he has a secret agenda, to discover who’s smuggling Peruvian artifacts.
This fall, you can follow Megan McKinley as she rediscovers the teacher she had a crush on as a studly, bearded photographer. Then she finds out the real reason he’s here, and that he suspects her of wrong doing.


Chapter One

Megan McKinley basked in the warm sun. Here she was, sitting beside her friend, Paula, on a hard wooden board, on her way to Cuzco, Peru, in a donkey cart of all things. She took a deep breath of the clear, fresh air. She’d waited all year to take part in this archaeological expedition, and she’d already made a great find.
Noise from behind made her look back. A red car was creeping along beside them. A hulking man stepped out of the car.
“Hand over your purses,” he barked.
Megan’s stomach lurched. She couldn’t hand him her bag. Her debit card would allow access to the money she’d scrimped and saved to finish her master’s degree. Why the hell hadn’t she put it in her money belt? Now, she wished they hadn’t missed the archaeology camp’s van leaving for town. Her degree and this expedition were supposed to cinch that job at the Smithsonian. Ever since her parents took her to the museum as a child, Megan wanted to spend days and days there. She’d hoped she might soon have that chance, but now….
The driver cracked his whip and gave a command. The donkey brayed as the cart jerked forward. Every bump jarred her, while overworked muscles complained with twinges and aches from digging for artifacts.
The man with the bulging biceps continued to walk beside them.
“Stop!” he commanded, but their teenaged driver refused to comply.
Cropped, curly hair framed the stocky man’s brown-skinned face as he puffed on a cigarette. The acrid smoke set her nostrils quivering. The gun in his hand, although only palm-size, made her tremble. The dark-skinned car-driver, leaner, but just as mean looking, continued to keep pace with the donkey cart.
The man on foot pointed the gun directly at Megan. His eyes narrowed.
“Give me your purses,” he bellowed and motioned with his free hand.
Eagles collided in Megan’s stomach. A bead of sweat trickled down her neck. Her fingers tensed and her insides twisted even tighter. Staring at the barrel of the gun, she caught her breath. Dust from the dirt road swirled around, making it hard to breathe.
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  1. Hey, Chrissy. Love how your blog looks. Hey, Carolyn. You do have a magnificent cover! Just love it. Congrats on the release and many sales to you.