Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BLOG TOUR: Pumping Iron by Nya Rawlyns!

Thanks for having me today! It’s my pleasure to present my newest addition to the Bad Boyfriends series: Pumping Iron. From the shadowy world of high-end male escort services to the hot, sweaty, hard bodies in the gym, two men with very different skill sets are forced to co-operate in keeping a mutual client out of sight and out of mind.

Sean Rourke is Bad Boyfriends’ A-list escort, the man in demand when very special clients are in town. Mike Douglas is a fitness trainer to the stars and the silent partner in both the escort agency and the gym. Mike’s a loner, with a dour, drill sergeant nature. Sean’s an actor by avocation, used to being in the spotlight. Their mutual attraction is something neither man can explain … except for one little thing: they share a devilish, rowdy sense of humor.


Lovett Junior, the client from hell who not only likes his partners young and nubile, but also likes to watch, added an interesting level of difficulty when Mike and Sean finally manage a little alone time. Mike Douglas was not amused.

Our client wasn’t smiling and humming and shoveling his food in his mouth like a contented man on vacation just because of a clear line of sight to two adult men doing what they do in the throes of passion. We’d managed to not only sing the halleluiah chorus a cappella, but I’d punched a hole in the wallboard behind my head in my enthusiasm.
But the pièce de résistance, at my own personal high point, was Junior overcoming his ED and spraying his joy all over the glass door. Where he found glass cleaner and paper towels, I’ll never know, but our cool down was punctuated with the skritching sounds of him removing the evidence. Sean had pulled the quilt over his head and howled like a loon.
Junior and Sean were looking at me as I reminisced. Obviously I’d missed something, judging from Junior’s, “Well, do you?”
“Do I do what?”
Sean had wandering hands under cover of the counter. I was tempted to say yes and see what fell out of the sky, but instead I shrugged and let both of them guess.
Sean gave a squeeze and release while I considered which of the free weights would fit where. It would be a tight squeeze. But then, that’s why they invented lube.


What does it take to bring a slow simmer to a rolling boil?

Sean Rourke is hiding in plain sight as a Bad Boyfriends A-list escort, hoping to dodge the bullet from a few career missteps.

Mike Douglas’ financial backing and very special negotiating skills have him partnering not-so-silently at Bad Boyfriends, as well as running a training center for athletes and gym rats.

Eying each other at a distance is all they’ve allowed themselves until a joint special project at a seaside retreat in the Hamptons, entertaining a wily Boston attorney, shows them exactly how well they fit together, in more ways than simply business as usual.

GENRE: gay romance, gay romantic comedy, contemporary M/M romance


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