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Friday Feature: Imogene Nix interviews Javed from The Illuminated Witch AND GIVEAWAY!

This is so much fun! I have awesome Totally Bound author, Imogene Nix, and for the first time EVER, I have a character interview! It was so much fun!

Check it out!

Imogene wanders in, dressed in her uniform black pants, boots with exceptionally high heels and flowing black blouse. She is followed by a handsome man in his mid thirties. He’s quiet and respectful as well as immaculately dressed in an Armani suit with a stark white shirt, which highlights his Arabic heritage.

As Imogene sits down in an over stuffed chair, he takes the seat next to her. She drags an old battered notebook out of her bag and flicks through until she finds the page she’s seeking. Then she looks up.

“Thanks for meeting with us today. Javed here struggles to get away at the moment as the next is settling in.”

“Things are busy at the moment.”

C.A. nods. “Imogene, you’re sure you are happy to run the interview?”

Imogene smiles broadly. “Of course! It’s truly my pleasure.”

She turns to Javed who visibly relaxes.

“Javed, you’re the master of the first new house in a century. It’s one of those events that stand out. Can you tell us why you were chosen to lead it?”

Javed shakes his head and appears somewhat bemused. “The honour that the Council have done me leaves me humbled. I had no expectation that something like this would happen. Off the top of my head, I could name maybe a dozen other warriors who would have better served a nest in their own right.” He is patently uncomfortable with the topic of conversation.

Imogene cocks her head to one side. “And yet, they chose you.”

With a smile, Javed inclined his head. “In shaa Allah.”

Imogene laughs lightly and gives a tiny shake of her head.

 “Alright then. Tell me about the day you met your partner, Celina.”

He smiles. It’s broad and his eyes glint with remembered emotions. “I was flying into the nest offices with Hope when we landed. It was just after dusk, the time we usually start to get about. I noticed her instantly. The red hair, and her pallor. I think it was that initially. Plus there was a prickle, a bit like an electric charge that filtered through the air. Now, I know that was a wisp of magic escaping her. Anyway, when she collapsed I caught her. She’s been mine ever since.” He gives a deep rumbling laugh.

Imogene presses forward. “But you didn’t know, at that time, that you were destined to be together?”

“No. That came later.”

“But for everything that’s gone right, there is still a looming thread.”

Javed’s face shutters at this point. “There is.”

“You have plans to defeat him?” Imogene leans back into her seat.

“We do, however, as I’m sure you’ll understand, our tactics must remain hidden. After all, the fate of so many hangs in the balance.”

Imogene nods and flicks through the notebook in her hand. “Okay then. One more question then I’ll let you go.”

“Of course.”

“You were turned…”

“A long time ago. During the crusades. My sire was a knight and I was changed against my will. I had gone only into a public house to save my friends, when he took me. I don’t remember much of what happened. Afterwards, Phillipe schooled me in my new life. How to survive. How to learn about the new world I inhabited.”

“But you went home?” Imogene waits as Javed draws a deep breath.

“I did. I was married and like any person, I wanted to go home. To see my wife. But I couldn’t. She couldn’t accept the me that I’d become. I had to let her go. I carried that pain for a long time. Celina made me understand though, that I had to be tempered in order for the steel of my conviction to harden.” His gaze carries a far away look for a moment then he snaps out of his memories.

“Ahh…” He glances at his watch. “I must be gone. I have a meeting with my banker and my Yeux Secondes. You will excuse me?”

Javed stands, brushes his pants and bows deeply to both Imogene and myself, before walking brusquely away.

“He’s an amazing man. I’m so honoured to know him and Celina.” Imogene’s murmured words are met with the closing of her notepad. “I too have to hurry off. I’m meeting Celina in an hour and I still haven’t eaten.”

She gives me a brief hard hug and a kiss on the cheek, before whirling in a cloud of Chanel No.5 and heading for the door. She turns back, her hazel eyes glinting in the light. “Thanks for having me. It’s been fun.”

Then she’s gone.


Celina has always been alone, until the new Master, Javed, draws her close. But danger and passion are never far away. 
After years of struggling alone, Celina—a witchling of immense power—must find her place in the world of vampires.
But while Javed is building a new nest—the first new one in a century—and struggling to overcome his own demons, an ancient evil stirs.
Now with Celina in danger, time running out and the demands of a fledgling nest, can their love possibly overcome every obstacle?
More Imogene:
Wife, mother and nutty bookstore owner all describe Imogene Nix, but the real secret is Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance with a hefty dose of Romantic Suspense is what she adores. Dedicated to high quality romance, with a dollop of erotic interactions, Imogene has dipped her toes into Science Fiction, Contemporary Rural Romance and Paranormal Romance featuring feisty headstrong female leads.
About The Illuminated Witch:

The Illuminated Witch is the second in the Blood Secrets Trilogy. The first, The Blood Bride, was an ARe and Totally Bound Best Seller.
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