Monday, March 24, 2014

My Writing Process Blog Hop. Process? WHAT the HECK is that? #AMWriting

So, my friend and fellow TB author, Noelle Keaton tagged me in a writing process blog. Kinda funny cuz most of the time I don't think I have one. LOL.

I have been writing for most of my life, and so fat every book has been different for me. So here I go...

Hmmm, when I think about those three little words, I get kinda stumped, because for a long time I wasn’t sure if I even had a writing process.
I think as a writer, everyone does things differently, but more than that, there is no right or wrong way. It’s all in how you want to do it. Whatever works for you.
Every book tends to vary for me. My process grows and changes. The only things consistent are the tendency to freak out (my friends will laugh at me and attest to this) and that my self-confidence lives on a roller coaster throughout the life of the MS. (This is normal, right?)
I’m working on a few things at the moment. Collision Control (Crossing Forces Book Four) which is actually about wrapped up (thank GOD…I had 2nd book syndrome with it the whole way through, but THAT is another blog post).
On deck (and I already started it) is The Fae Ring which is the 2nd book in my *new* Highland Secrets Trilogy. I really can’t wait to hunker down and get to working on this one. Book One, The Tartan MP3 Player COMES OUT TOMORROW! YAY! (But it is available for pre-order everywhere)
I write what I feel. Always have, probably always will, but I think my stuff can be like other books in the genres I write as well as different. I would like to think it’s the best of the best (of course…LOL).
If even one person (okay, more than one is better) says they like what I write, I’m satisfied as an author. Bottom line I won’t ever stop writing/publishing so I hope a lot of people love my stuff like I do, really.
I have always been a fantasy child. Even when I was really little, I always made up my own worlds in my head, and I grew up reading the greats, so the genre comes naturally to me. On the other hand, I have always loved cop stuff, and I have a background in it, work in the court and am surrounded by cops, so romantic suspense comes naturally to me, too.
So when a story occurs to me, I will always write it. But I also have paranormal and YAs floating around on my computer. They’re a “someday” for me. I guess I’m not picky. I always write what I feel—no matter what it is. J
As for the process itself, as I mentioned, it varies for me but I am a pantser—I write by the seat of my pants. I don’t plan much, I just write. I like to see the characters and the story unfold for me as I write.
Really, the characters tell it. I navigate. Then again, sometimes they throw me for a loop. When I get something wrong, believe me. They tell me.
My process will grow and change as I go on, I think. I guess that doesn’t matter as long as I keep writing.

Next up, with her post March 31, 2014 is the lovely Lavender Daye. Here’s her newest release!

Lavender lives in Texas with her own private Prince Charming, two kids, two cats and a large brown rug, uh, dog. She spends her days writing sexy contemporary romance, sometimes adding a hint of suspense or tossing in a little dominance and submission.
 A member of RWA, she took first place in the Great Expectations Contest in 2011 for Bound by Trust.
When she’s not writing or reading great romance novels, she can be found in the kitchen baking, usually with chocolate. Find her on facebook or the other sites she inhabits in her spare time by following these links:


Mark Harrison inherited a thriving oil business and built an empire that allows him to indulge in his hobbies, predominantly BDSM. He’s opened a new club in northern Texas, a private playground for adults.

When a young lady asks to base her college paper on the BDSM lifestyle, Mark reluctantly agrees, only because she’s the friend of a friend.

Kellie Windsor is determined to uncover a training ground for abusive men inside the new bondage club south of Dallas and scoring a meeting with the owner insured her success. When he offers to treat her as his submissive to help her understand the scene, she reluctantly agrees.
It doesn’t take long for her to toss out her painful expectations and enjoy Mark’s dominance. But there are a couple of little problems. He doesn’t know about the paper she’d planned to write or the ex-boyfriend she wants to avoid.

Buy It:

Make sure you find her on FB and check out her website for all her fab reads!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Feature: COVER REVEAL for Jo-Walker's Remember Me!

I am so excited to welcome one of my best friends in the entire world to the blog today. I'm super excited she's sharing the cover for her upcoming release, Remember Me (Shattered #3)


And the book is a fab read, too!

Remember Me -Jo Anna Walker Best SellerTwinsie Jo
***WARNING: Due to the graphic nature, this book is not intended for a younger audience. Story also contains BDSM***
Remembering is just the beginning.
Keisha Lee had her life ripped apart at the hands of Jose Alvarez. Not having anywhere to turn, she seeks solace from the one man who could give her everything she needed. Only problem is, she doesn’t remember him.
Garrith Jameson, FBI agent on a leave of absence, has been in love with Keisha his whole life, and she’s always gotten under his skin. They were happy. Complete. Until that horrible day destroyed them, tearing them apart.
Having amnesia is one thing but remembering the mistakes that had been made could separate Garrith and Keisha forever.
A world of trust, healing and new memories arise, making Keisha need more than just the man she knew she once loved.
Will Keisha remember Garrith and give in to the submission her body craves?

About The Author:
When Jo-Anna isn't working her Monday-Friday 9-5 job, she's spending her time reading, writing and with the love of her life.
She's an all-around Canadian girl. Born and raised in a small city.
If you don't see Jo-Anna writing, you'll find her with her nose in a book. Whether it's her words or someone else's, she's drawn to it.
Jo-Anna loves stories with Alpha broken males and that need to be ripped apart and put back together again. Men that fall to their knees over a wink or a giggle from their females.
Two things you will never find Jo-Anna without; her cell phone and lip gloss. If she has both of those items, you have a happy girl.
Since starting her writing adventure in 2013, Jo-Anna has met many people, real life, online, in her head and she loves every single one of them. Without the support from others, none of this would be possible and she's grateful for all that has been given to her.

To learn more, visit Jo-Anna on her blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreadsand Pinterest.
Jo-Anna Walker is also author of Break Me, Always Me, In the Heart of Forever (A Heart Story) and Possessed by You and Uncomplicated that she co-wrote with Dawn Robertson.