Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tell Me About it Tuesday welcomes back Sascha Illyvich!

I am really excited that the badboy of romance has dropped by today!

Sascha Illyvich is blogging about characters and secrets! How fun!

Check it out!

Why Resist?
When Beta Males and Females hide secrets

In Raining Kisses, we have our hero, beta male to be in the Opeth Pack, IF he can get past his own issues.  He's murdered in cold blood, doesn't remember doing it.  He's sort of like Butch from the very famous Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but I'm not about to spoil why so you'll have to read both!

When I was developing this story further, I realized I had a second issue.  My other heroine in the ménage trio, Krystyna, is stubborn and holding onto her own pain just to shelter Katarina from it.  Her pain, really simple but she chose to deal with it in a more destructive manner, running to someone else in hopes of finding comfort.  Only, she's kept the secret from her one lover in Hungary, and found herself in trouble because of who she associated with.

The Opeth Pack is on the verge of a breakthrough and the one thing they did NOT need was for her to give information to the Turkish wolves, who lacked a pack witch and healers.  The Prophecy dictates who is getting into heaven and who will remain behind to deal with the fallout of a cataclysmic event involving wolf and man, but if the Turks can stop the Opeth Pack from fulfilling prophecy, then they have a chance at evening the playing field with the pack favored by the Goddess herself.

Nicholaus's refusal to return without a damn good reason makes sense as he wants no part in this silly wolf war.  Yet, when his lover is at stake he must act with his heart, even though his head tells me not to.  The secret he's held onto for so long wasn't really that big, was it?

I modeled this off simple human issues:  We all have our secrets that can destroy us, until they're exposed and brought to light where we discover we're stronger than they are, and our issues aren't so paralyzing.   Can Nicholaus and Krystyna set aside their personal bullshit for Katarina?  And what will become of the Prophecy if Nicholaus realizes his true position In the famed Opeth Pack?


After slaughtering Katarina's brother and father, along with a handful of other wolves who tried to abuse them, Nicholaus realizes his true darkness and decides to leave Hungary to keep his lovers safe from him. Relocating to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Nicholaus made a life for himself where he controlled the shots until the Opeth Pack messenger shows up with one of his lovers, requesting his assistance back in Hungary.

Katarina's other lover Krystyna has done something bad, but what, Katarina doesn't know. Her heart aches for both her stubborn lovers and forces her to find the courage to venture to America and bring Nicholaus back. Once the threesome reunites, sparks explode but secrecy threatens to tear the triad apart, as does Prophecy. Will Nicholaus remain with the two women who hold his heart, or will his lack of control make him return to the States, alone forever?

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