Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes back Kimberly Packard!

My very good friend, writer Kim needs a good author shaming. But she's blogging about it, so I guess that gets a few cool points.

Meet Kim

Author of Phoenix, published by goodmedia press in November 2012. Novelist hoping to change the world one page at a time. 

Excuses, Excuses

When Chrissy asked me to be on her blog today, I thought I would be promoting my sequel to Phoenix, Pardon Falls

Yeah-No. Pardon Falls is still *this close* to being done, but she was kind enough to let me hijack her blog so I could fill you guys with all kinds of excuses. Such as:
  •          Alien abduction

  •          This thing called a day job

  •          My sudden time warp from Christmas to February

  •          A cold that just wouldn’t let go

  •          A sick cat (he’s better now – go Jerome!)
  •          My parents grounded me and took away my computer
  •          And, the strange occurrence of my butt and the chair repelling each other like polar opposites
So see, excuses – I got them in spades!

But, in reality, the real reason that Pardon Falls isn’t out yet is that it’s not ready. Plain and simple. What I’m learning with my second novel is that books are like kids – no two are alike. 

Phoenix was really a pretty easy novel to write. It all came to me in a whoosh of creativity. Pardon Falls came to me in glimpses … and it is still coming. The beginning always bugged me, like when you tried to recreate Grandma’s recipe but no matter how hard you follow the recipe, it’s just missing something. Over Christmas, I realized what was missing – my main character, Amanda, wasn’t driving her story. 

So, couple of new chapters in the beginning and voila! She’s in charge like she should be. But, this means that I need to make a few tweaks throughout so it doesn’t seem like the manuscript was frankensteined together. 

You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that Chrissy didn’t let me go ahead and do the guest post as a courtesy. I now realize it’s public shaming. Guess I need to wear a piece of paper around my neck:

I didn’t finish my novel in time for my awesome friend to host me on her blog.


Editor's note: HAHAHA! I am going to be hammering on Kim until I get an email that says "I'm DONE with Pardon Falls!"

And let the public author shaming begin. And she ASKED me to publicly shame her.

"Phoenix" is the story of Amanda, Alex and Shiloh, three individuals tied together by two crimes committed thousands of miles and ten years apart, each looking for redemption and forgiveness.

Amanda Martin boards a bus in the middle of a cold Chicago night with no luggage and only two thoughts:  get the hell away from the crazed gunman who obliterated her office and locate the man responsible for her indictment—and make him pay.

The small Texas town Phoenix becomes her refuge as she assumes a new identity to rediscover who she was before all the power and money changed her. She intends it to be a temporary stop before searching for her ex-boyfriend who ensnarled her in his securities fraud scandal, but the flirtatious advances of a handsome cop fuels her struggles between building a life there with him and her desire for vengeance. Uncovering a forgotten murder ignites Amanda’s need for redemption, but also drives a wedge in her new relationship, and puts her in the line of fire of two people who will stop at nothing to keep the case cold. 

Buy Phoenix!

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