Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Snog: Chance Collision #3

Pete will be on general release soon, but let's celebrate his EARLY DOWNLOAD even more!

I decided to play Sunday Snog again!


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I thought I would share one of my fave Pete and Nikki kisses. This one is from Chapter Nineteen.

It's pretty hot!

His gaze travelled her gorgeous form. She was dressed in her same outfit of barely-there sleepwear—a pale green spaghetti-strapped tank and matching shorts that stopped at her ass. Smelt good, too. Something clean and floral.

Damn, she had great legs…arms, neck, everything.
Nikki moved closer, her thigh touching his. She put her hand on his leg. The warmth of her touch sank into the jeans.

Pete’s cock jumped, begging her to move closer to his crotch. To touch him. Stroke him. Free him.

Their lips met on a mutual groan and he yanked her onto his lap, deepening their kiss. Nikki straddled him, her thinly covered sex hitting him with enough impact he was rock hard in less than a second.

She pushed her hands up under his shirt at the same time he spread his palms beneath her tank across the soft skin of her back. 

He needed her bare. Now.

She rocked in his lap, her tongue mingling, dancing and duelling with his. 

His abs quivered under her seeking fingers and Pete’s heart hit overdrive. He kissed her harder, pressing her into his chest until her hands had no room to roam and her breasts were flat.

Nikki moaned and kept his pace, slanting her mouth against his again and again.

A voice popped up in his head to stop, reminding him this wasn’t right, but there was no saying no. 

She was passion and heat, and he needed her.

“Pete,” Nikki breathed against his mouth.

He stopped kissing her though his body screamed a protest, and pulled back to meet her eyes. Heavy-lidded and almost black, he read desire as strong as his. Pete’s cock throbbed.
They panted against each other.

“Darlin’? Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head. “I want to go to your room. Now.”


Vowing to protect her had nothing to do with feelings.

Detective Pete Crane catches a new shooting case and considers it business-as-usual. But when the lead witness is the Chief of Police’s fiery assistant, he never anticipated she’d challenge him—personally and professionally. Especially while under his protection.

Little do they know, the shooting she and her grandmother witnessed was anything but random.
Thrown together, their attraction sizzles, even though she’s squarely in the no-fly zone. She makes him break every rule in his little black book.

Nikki Harper has been attracted to Pete since they met two years ago. Witnessing a brutal shooting throws her into a stigma that’s always been her greatest fear—a victim. She has no choice but to accept his protective custody and let him help save her and her beloved grandmother.

Can Pete protect his witness and solve the case, while fighting the intense heat with Nikki?


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