Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes Patrick Van Slyke AND GIVEAWAY!

This week I'm welcoming Patrick Van Slyke!

I don't often read Horror, but this looks like a good one.

Meet Patrick!

Patrick Van Slyke grew up in the shadows of the Big Horn Mountains in the small town of Sheridan Wyoming. An avid reader, as a child he was drawn to fantasy and science fiction. He attended the University of Wyoming and it was here that his love of Horror began.

Patrick now lives in sunny southern California with his daughter and fiancé. His day job is owner of Assisted Living Placements, helping seniors find assisted living. He hopes to one day support his family solely as an author.

To that end, Patrick has published numerous short stories and has finished the Forsaken Trilogy. This 300,000 word work is set in Patrick’s home town and tells the tale of a teenager on the brink of manhood who learns that the barrier between the living and the dead has begun to collapse, forcing him into a conflict that could lead to insanity, death, or the betrayal of everything he holds dear. The Forsaken Trilogy is made up of THE DEAD WALL, THE BETRAYAL GATE, and THE FINAL SACRIFICE.

Q. Do you do any special research for your novels?

On my first novel I did not because it was based on my hometown so I had all the knowledge I needed but in my 4th novel, THE QUANTUM GATE, I had to spend hours trying to wrap my head around quantum mechanics and computing. I got the idea for the book from a science magazine so I knew nothing when I started. I know a lot know but the concepts are so difficult to grasp. It hurts my brain to think about them.

Q. What’s your favorite genre to read? Do you write it?

Right now I am reading “the classics” just because I think I should. You know, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, WAR AND PEACE, A TALE OF TWO CITIES, etc. But my two genres are horror which is primarily what I write and historical fiction which I do not write because I don’t want to do all that research!

Q. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?

I am about ½ of the way done with my 5th novel but there is very little I can tell about it because even the name of the book might give away the concept and I am very excited about this one. Let’s just say that in this novel I am being forced to research genetics as well as Ethiopia. 

Q. Did you ever write a character you didn’t like? Or one that gave you problems, going against your intentions for them or your story?

I’ve written tons of characters I didn’t like, especially in short stories but they were usually on purpose and they usually got what they deserved. I have had characters that I really liked but then as the story progressed they became bad. That makes me mad. It’s like a betrayal. But I don’t take it that seriously.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff. You know, just between the two of us.

Q. The opportunity to go on a surprise vacation arises. You have 90 minutes to pack and get to the airport. Where will you go and what will you pack?

Probably Japan and I would just take a couple shorts and a couple tank tops since that I all I ever wear. I would Love to go there because one time, a LONG time ago I was tripping on acid and was sure I was a reincarnated samurai. 

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

Horror. I love horror and I’m not sure why. I guess I like the fear induced high in a safe environment. Either that or I’m a sociopath. Maybe both.

Q. If they make a movie about your life, who do you want to play your part?

Hmmm. Probably Micky Rourke – I think we probably have a lot in common (except he is rich and I am poor.)

Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us...it can be a secret...we won't tell. :)   

Okay, I’ve been in jail… more than once. It is not a pleasant experience and I do not recommend it.


Tell us about that book!



On a stormy Friday summer night in the small town of Sheridan Wyoming, sixteen year old, Nick Davis has nothing more on his mind that hanging out with his friends and chasing girls . Life becomes much more terrifying, however, when a close friend becomes the victim of a demonic possession during an innocent teenage party. As Nick helplessly witnesses more and more horrifying, supernatural events, he is must confront the possibility that God has finally lost patience with his creation, and left the world defenseless.

Nick and beautiful, young Beth Tellie are thrown together as demonic forces attempt to cohere their cooperation in the enslavement of humanity. As the small town falls apart, the couple seeks safety in the Catholic Church and end up with an unlikely ally in the new priest, Father Marco. Together they search for a miracle that can save mankind. 



Patrick is generously going to give away ONE EBOOK copy of The Dead Wall to one lucky Commenter!!!!!!

Tell me what your favorite genre is (doesn't have to be horror) and why!



  1. Hey Patrick, what a great interview! What fuels your imagination while you're writing? Music? Art? A small, yet slightly annoying collaboration of literary demons prodding you in the back with pitchforks?

  2. Hi Matt, When I first started I just knew I wanted to write about my home town and the end of the world (morbid I know) but after that it was just anything - an article in a science mag gave me the idea for the 4th novel - on my short stories sometimes I just start writing and see what comes out - I really love H.P. Lovecraft so maybe he is in my head.