Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Feature: Sascha Illyvich!

The badboy of romance, Sascha Illyvich has an upcoming release in addition to the dozens of fantastic reads he's authored!  He's taken over my blog! So here's Sascha, without further ado!

When Real Life sneaks in

By Sascha Illyvich

Recently I finished, submitted and as usual, had accepted a story to Decadent Publishing called Paula's Craving. When I first wrote the story in the current version, it wasn't as long, but probably (possibly) longer than the original piece I'd penned over 20 years ago.  And it was the same two characters, only in an older form. 

Both Ryan and Paula have their difficulties with life, but in Paula's version, she faces them with Ryan, head on, while he takes the loner route, unaware that someone could even love him and not his money. 

Damnedest thing though.  While the original character Cliff morphed into Ryan for personal reasons, Paula didn't really change so much as develop, while two very real world and powerful women found ways to sneak into the story and guide her.  I suppose you could say these two women were my muse for the piece.

I discovered this when going through the last round of edits I realized the women I barely knew but based the heroine on, had become a combination of the two most important people in my world now.  I realized they needed to pull Ryan out of his shell, and only they could in the form using Paula's seductive yet straight to the point game of the heart. 

It's funny, I continued to update the dedication. It started off with a thank you to my readers, old and new, my editors.  Then I added a few more names.  Then I did another round of edits.  Then I added a few more names and words to thank those who picked me up, and ultimately picked Ryan off the ground when he wanted to lay down and die.

I suppose no reader truly wants the honesty authors provide, I mean you buy our books for the creative fantasies (which can look like lies if you take things too far) and for the illusion, which in itself is technically a lie depending on your belief, but I lie enough in books.  Somewhere I need to connect honestly with readers and it's through these, and my books that I do that.

Paula had to expose a truth to Ryan by forcing him to open a wound and let her rummage around in it, clean it.  The question was, could he?

Paula's Craving is due out soon from the fabulous folks at Decadent Publishing.

(OMG! I love this COVER!)

After an emotionally torrential meeting, can Paula show Ryan what it 
means to love? Or will the high school crush be all they have? Paula's 
Craving, coming soon from Decadent Publishing More from the Bad Boy of 
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