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Tell Me About it Tuesday welcomes Tamara Lowery!

Today I have fellow Gypsy, Tamara Lowery! So excited! Her book looks like a fantastic read!

Meet Tamara!

Tamara Lowery is a former maid and current auto industry worker. She is a graduate of Soddy-Daisy High School and Chattanooga State, where she majored in Journalism. She is a new author. She currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and the Rottentots, her cats.

Q. Do you do any special research for your novels?

A. I do some, depending on the storyline, location of the story, and plot elements. For Silent Fathoms, I researched Mexican folklore, naga peppers (which rival ghost peppers for highest capsaicin content), Bengali names and folklore, the Sundarbans (pronounced shun-DAR-banz, an area bordering both India and Bangladesh), and coconut crabs. Ironically, for all the research involved, Silent Fathoms is the shortest book in my Waves of Darkness series, to date.

Q. What’s your favorite genre to read? Do you write it?

A. I would have to say my favorite genre is speculative fiction. That way I don’t have to pick just one. I enjoy fantasy, paranormal, hard sci-fi, soft sci-fi, Steampunk, horror, adventure, mystery, historical fiction… the list goes on. What I write does fall in there somewhere. I don’t limit myself to one genre, even in the same book.

Q. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?

A. I just finished the rough draft for Hell’s Dodo, the fifth book in the Waves of Darkness series, a few months ago. I took a reading break to work down my ever-growing TBR pile. I am still waiting, as of this writing, for the editing round from Gypsy Shadow Publishing on Silent Fathoms, the third book in the series, which is due out as an ebook this Fall. The first two books in the series, Blood Curse and Demon Bayou, have been available for some time now as ebooks, but will be available as soft cover Print-on-Demand books after Halloween. Depending on its release date as an ebook, Silent Fathoms will be available in P-O-D at that time or early next year.

Currently, I am working on a project I started a couple of years ago. The Adventures of Pigg and Woolfe, is a Steampunk adventure serial. I am writing it in episodes for individual release and plan to do yearly omnibuses with bonus material. While the individual episodes will be suitable for most age groups, some of the bonus content is definitely adult-oriented. TAoPaW is the result of revisiting an old creative writing project from high school. We had been assigned to take a favorite nursery rhyme or fairy tale and rewrite it. I was deeply into Star Wars at the time and made a space opera short story out of The Three Little Pigs. Rather than continue in that vein for this incarnation, I chose to follow one of my more current interests, Steampunk, with the two main characters but in slightly different roles. I won’t go into detail, since I still don’t have anything ready even for beta readers, yet, but I will say that it is a fun serial to write.

Q. Did you ever write a character you didn’t like? Or one that gave you problems, going against your intentions for them or your story?

A. Oh yes! One character that I don’t like, because he is a completely despicable excuse for a human being, makes three appearances in the series, despite being a secondary (possibly even tertiary) character. I will not name him here; let’s give readers something to figure out. He first appeared in Blood Curse and makes a second appearance in Silent Fathoms. I took great pleasure in his horrible demise in his final appearance later in the series.

One of my main secondary characters has defied my original plot points, at least once, to the betterment of the story. She kept a tertiary character alive as a pet/tool when I had originally meant for her to kill him shortly after their initial meeting.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff. You know, just between the two of us.

Q. The opportunity to go on a surprise vacation arises. You have 90 minutes to pack and get to the airport. Where will you go and what will you pack?

A. Not happening. I’ve only flown twice in my life, and I loved it, but I refuse to go through TSA nonsense on the spur of the moment. Besides, I have too many obligations to just pick up and take off without serious planning and arrangements for my absence.

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

A. Oh wow, where to start? I have several authors I follow: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurel K. Hamilton, recently departed Barbara Mertz writing as Elizabeth Peters, Janet Evanovich, Anne McCaffrey (also lost in recent years), A.C. Crispin, Stephanie Osborn, Andy Deane, John Hartness, Kevin J. Anderson, D. A. Adams, Rocky Perry, the list goes on. I also enjoy discovering new authors; even if their writing needs some polishing, a good story is a good story.

Q. If they make a movie about your life, who do you want to play your part?

A. An unknown would be best. I so do not resemble most of the lead actresses favored by Hollywood. I would say pick someone from my region of the country, but I don’t really sound like most people around here (southeast Tennessee) due to moving around so much in my lifetime. I would adamantly protest anyone using a “fake” Southern accent. The only place I’ve ever encountered an accent that really sounds like that has been in Macon, Georgia.

Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us...it can be a secret...we won't tell. :)

A. My very first rejection letters were not for my writing, but my artwork. Back in the mid-1980s, just after high school, I submitted my portfolio to both Marvel Comics and to Disney Animation. I keep that little bit of ammo in the back of my mind in case I ever encounter at any of the conventions I attend any of these so-called geeks that insist geek-girls are fake and can’t possibly know anything about comic books. So far, none of that particular species of troll have made themselves known locally.

Now I'm excited to hear all about that upcoming book!

Silent Fathoms will be the third installment in my Waves of Darkness series. Although it will be closer to novella length than novel length, it covers a LOT of ocean and adventure.

Viktor Brandewyne, aka Bloody Vik Brandee, my pirate cursed to vampirism, continues his quest for the Sisters of Power. The third Sister is known by some as the Devil’s daughter, and she fully intends to entrap Viktor and bend him to her own purposes. In fact, the quest she sends him on (in exchange for a portion of her magic to help break his curse) will give her the means to enslave him.

To make matters worse, he has to face this challenge without the aid of the siren, Belladonna, whom he has come to rely on. The magic/psychic bond they share has gone dead, and he cannot contact her. It is as if she has simply ceased to exist. This proves very troubling to him, for not only does he need her aid in finding and dealing with the Sisters of Power, he has, on some level, come to love her, an awkward and unusual situation for a man whose sole care and priority has always been himself.

The ebook edition is due out this Fall, with the print edition following either this Fall or early Winter.

This is also the first book I have done the original cover art for. I felt this was better than settling for a stock photo that just missed capturing the imagery I wanted for this book. I feel very fortunate to have a publisher (Gypsy Shadow Publishing) and art director (Charlotte Holley) that are flexible enough to allow me to contribute my own art. Many of the larger publishing houses give their authors almost no voice in how their book is presented and represented. Some even give the author no voice in how their works are titled.

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