Sunday, September 15, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday: First look at Calculated Collision!

Welllllllll, I am working hard on Calculated Collision (Crossing Forces Book 3), and I really wanted to share this one! It's more than six sentences, but I hope you enjoy!

Goosebumps rose and she shivered. Both reactions she couldn’t hide from him. “No.”

“No? I see it. Straining nipples. The rise and fall of your gorgeous breasts. Panting, flushed cheeks. Swollen lips. I see you tremble and beg for my touch you. You can’t hide it, Selena Dawson. You want me.”

His hand fell to his side, but he didn’t have to touch her. Nate’s words rolled over her body like a caress and Lee bit her lip so she wouldn’t moan. Glued her back to the wall so she wouldn’t lean in to him.

Happy Sunday!

Happy Reading!

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