Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes Diane Thorne!

I am really excited to have fellow TEB Author, Diane Thorne on this week's Tell Me About it Tuesday! She's pretty awesome!  Check her out!

About Diane:

I am an erotic romance writer living in Indiana. I write in a variety of genres such as Contemporary, Menage a Trois, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and Paranormal Erotic Romance. As a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy, my mind constantly wanders into other worlds full of dark and mysterious creatures. Needless-to-say, vampires, demons, werewolves, ghosts, and fallen angels are my friends. A few bite, others tempt, and some are hot as hell. They suck me into their world, especially after I have consumed a little red wine, and their company never bores. Join me and my friends, but reader beware: I am not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, hormonal stirrings, or unusual bite marks.

HAHAHAH! I love it! Thanx for stopping by, Diane!

Now for the torturous interview! 

Q. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?

I’m currently working on a series called Diary of a Free Woman. It’s about a 44 year old woman. She’s been divorced a long time, her kids are grown, and she’s accrued a large rainy day fund as well as vacation time from her job. She’s taking a dream vacation and traveling across Europe. She runs into some hot, gorgeous men and finds herself in rare opportunities. Should she take them? Well, of course. The first story is Passion in the Sky and is set for release in September, with pre order in August. Other stories in the series will soon follow.

Q. Do you have a favorite story of the ones you’ve written, either published or not? Why?

I do have favorite scenes in stories, usually one in each book/story that I write. As for one favorite among the others…No. I like all the characters and stories. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t write them. Jay in my series is a favorite of mine. He can’t get enough of his favorite woman. The demons in the Playful Demons series are my favorites too. In my Sisters of Lonewood series, I’d choose Alison’s Story and Lisa’s Story as my top picks. Alison is the more outgoing, experimental type whereas Lisa is the opposite. She’s your more normal, average woman. Their stories of finding love were fun to write.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff?

Q. If you won the lottery, what is the FIRST thing you’d do? What would you buy and why?

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is pay off my mortgage. Then, I’d sell my house and buy another one in Texas. I’d make sure my daughter’s education is paid for too.

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

I read just about anything. What I pick up depends on my mood. I have books on my shelf from three years ago and I’ve added more. I have quite the variety. My favorites are urban fantasy and paranormal romances for the most part.

Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us...it can be a secret...we won't tell. :)

Hmm… Diane is not my real name. This actually surprised my mother on Mother's Day. I thought I'd told her about my pen name. Apparently, not. LOL

Okkkkkkkkay, time to tell us about that book. (which has a FANTASTIC cover!)

Passion in the Sky is my latest release. It's the first in the Diary of a Free Woman series. Her first stop is in London. Then, she's going to visit in Paris, Italy, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Ireland for her European Visit. Two out of the six stories will be ménages: Italy and Ireland. (Shh, don't tell anyone)

When I'd first created the series, I had planned to visit Paris. Then my daughter changed her mind and I canceled the trip. I've always wanted to visit, so I decided to stick with the series. I've had to do a little research to make the stories more real/lifelike. The protagonist is a bit like me, single and with a grown child. I won't say what other ways we're alike. The reader can speculate. Anyway, I imagined myself in my protagonist shoes and wondered what would she do if… You'll have to read the stories to find out the answers.


Gwenever is a free woman for the first time in her life, and she’s eager to fulfill a life-long dream of traveling across Europe. She kisses her two grown children goodbye, then boards a plane to London. By accident, she bumps into Phillip Connor, a sexy billionaire, and he quickly takes a keen interest in her.

During the long flight, he seduces her with his bluntness and charm. She teases him with her spicy words. The roller coaster of sexual tension drives each of them insane with lust. When Phillip begs Gwen to meet him privately in one of the facilities, she will have to decide if she’s ready to join the mile high club with one hot and playful billionaire.

Pre-order it:

***This book will release 9/6/13 but you can get it now from TEB!***
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