Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lusting for Covers: Witches!

I came across this one on Facebook, and not only is the cover gorgeous, it looks like a FANTASTIC read. It's coming out 9/10/13, and it can't come soon enough, so I can READ IT!

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Living in a world never truly meant for her, Ella Reese has tried her whole life to fit into the mold her parents wanted, and not stand out in a small town where gossip reigned supreme. Despised for what she is, she will be lucky to make it through her senior year intact and spending time with her two best friends would be a major bonus. However, Fate intervenes and Ella suddenly finds herself thrust into an odyssey where she not only discovers she is a powerful Goddess Touched True Witch but a life mate has also been chosen for her. In love with her soul mate and reunited with a family who accepts her, Ella's world falls apart when Fate deals her a horrific blow. As she travels the path Fate has set her on, she must uncover her true self or die trying.

Isn't it just GORGEOUS!?
So, you can't read it just yet, but you can PRE-ORDER IT!!!

Happy Sunday!

Happy Reading!


  1. Ooh, lovely cover, thanks for sharing!


  2. Well made cover.