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SOOOOOOOOOO excited!! My very very good friend, JoAnna Grace's debut is finally out! (it came out yesterday, but oh well. We're still partying over here)

I ADORE this cover and I can't WAIT to read this book!


The gods work in mysterious ways…

Avery McClain is normal. Or so she thinks.

Until her life is shattered and she is rescued by a Thracian warrior. He takes her to the Haven, a realm of safety for the magical race of Olympians. There she discovers her life was meant for a higher calling as the mate of an Olympian Prince.

Her choice will change everything.

Ryse Castille has one job: convince Avery to step into her role as a Divine Grace. As with any mission, there are obstacles to overcome. Including the fact he is captivated by her. Of all the gifts the gods have given him, romance was not included. But Avery belongs to him and he will stop at nothing to protect her.

The enemy might be closer than they think.

Can Avery find the courage to embrace her destiny? Or will evil separate them for eternity?

I know, you have to have it RIGHT now, right? Get your butts to AMAZON and BUY it!

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Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes Taige Crenshaw!

Okay, so I have to have a fangirl moment, cuz I absolutely ADORE Taige's books and I am SO thrilled she's on my blog this week! Everyone pick up her books NOW!

Without further ado, meet Taige!

Taige Crenshaw is an multi-published author with books available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Total-E-Bound and Loose Id.

She writes novels set in today between people who know what they want and  how to get it. As well as in the future of vast universes between beautiful, strange and unique beings with lots of spice and sensuality added to her work.

Taige Crenshaw has been enthralled with the written word from time she picked up her first book.  It wasn’t long before she started to make up her own tales of romance.
With novels set in today, in alternate dimensions, or in the future she writes with adventure, fun sassy heroine's, and sexy hero's.
Always hard at work creating new and exciting places Taige can be found curled up with a hot novel with exciting characters when she is not creating her own. Join her in the fun, frolic, interesting people  and far reaches of the world in her novels.

Q. How has your journey in publishing been? Anything you would or wouldn’t do again?

My journey has been one of adventure and learning. As a writer we are always learning to grown and better our craft.  We learn how to work with various publishers, editors and other publishing industry people. I’ve enjoyed the experiences I’ve had and each had been a learning moment. The adventure is getting to know characters as I write them and living the moments with them.
I can’t think of anything I would do different since each experience has helped shape who I am as a writer and the future ones will shape me further.  

Q. What advice do you have for someone who wants a career in writing?

Write then let it go and write some more. What I mean by that is don’t just write one book and nitpick over it. Polish it till it shines then let the book go off to beta readers, crit partner or someone else who is a fresh set of eyes. Once you have that feedback and take what works for your book and throw out what doesn’t (not everything you get from feedback will work with your vision of the book) you get to the next step. Then you send it to publishers. While you were waiting for feedback from the second pair of eyes you should have already started working on your next. Don’t wait around for one book to be subbed then wait for reply before you start the next. The more you write the more you get into the mindset of creating. Each book you write makes you a stronger writer.  You are honing your craft and making it better. Also of course make sure you know your craft so you can polish that book to a shine.  

Q. What other interests or hobbies do you have outside of writing?

I have lots of other thing I do creatively and they recharge my writing. I love to draw. I’m an avid seamstress. I can whip up an outfit quick if I have to go someplace special and have nothing to wear. I love to cook. I’m a voracious reader. My library in my house and on my computer is massive. That’s one of the first things you notice when you come to my house.   

Q. Do you have a favorite story of the ones you’ve written, either published or not? Why?

No I don’t have a favorite. That’s like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. That is not something you can choose. I created all my stories and they all have a part of me in them. They are all my favorites.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff?

Q. If you won the lottery, what is the FIRST thing you’d do? What would you buy and why?

I would fly to my big sister and then buy her, her dream home. I would buy that first because she is my rock and I love her.  

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

I read all genres and it is matter of what I am in the mood for at the time. Sometimes I want historical romances then another horror, then others mystery or just romance. Comedy. I just want an excellent read that will take me on an adventure. 

Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise can be a secret...we won't tell. :)

I plead the fifth so I can’t incriminate myself. LOL. :)

LOL! I love your answers, thank you for the AWESOME interview. Now tell us about that book!

Dark Callings (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #3) is about the destiny of Lennox S’chaech and Harmony Davis. They seem like opposites but they are meant to be. These two characters each have their own way of doing things. Lennox is take charge and fights to protect those he cares about. He doesn’t dare give in to what he knows is meant for him and Harmony. Harmony on the other hand is viewed as laid back but she knows more than anyone that life is about choices. She refuses to back down from the choice of going after Lennox. He is stubborn but she is determined...and together they are have a destiny awaiting them.

Lennox might not want to fulfill the call of destiny believing that it is for the best but Harmony has other ideas. Their journey is an interesting one. One that has twists and turns then comes down to taking a jump to believe in each other. Harmony uses teasing, belief and determination to get her man. Lennox resists due to stubbornness, honor and he wants to protect her from the possibility of being hurt because of him. Life is complex and the things that happen don’t always go according to plans. Each person has a place in this world that they must fulfill...destiny. Lennox and Harmony have no control over when destiny will strike. When it comes, they had better hang on for the ride that takes them on...Dark Callings.

There are many more books to come in the Phoenix Intelligence Agency series. It is a continuing series which I don’t have an end-point number for books yet. There is so much more to tell in the world I’ve built with this series. 

Buy it!

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Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes Kate Deveaux!

This week on Tell Me About it Tuesday I am welcoming fellow TEB author, Kate Deveaux! She's got a steamy new read to share with everyone!

About Kate:

Kate Deveaux is a contemporary erotic romance writer and die-hard romantic. A former wedding planner, she has always been “in love” with love! Kate is currently working on several fictional stories – each filled with sexy romance, heroines who are no shrinking violets and heroes who make your heart skip a beat. She is a member of Savvy Author, Romance Writers of America (RWA) and their erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. Kate currently resides with her husband in Arizona.

This time around I changed up the interview questions! YAY! I'm so glad Kate indulged me!

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

So far I haven’t, although I can get stuck sometimes in a story along the way. I’m mostly a plotter. I’m continually running over my plots in my head like a movie playing on a big screen — that’s usually how I work out plot problems and keep the whole thing moving forward.

Q. What comes first, the plot or characters?
Both! Usually I get a fleeting flash of inspiration for a plot. An ‘ah ha’ moment when I think an idea, setting, or character would make a great story. I keep a notebook full of my story ideas, I’m always jotting things down.

Q. Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.
Well, I attended a proper English boarding school, which was my inspiration for ‘Academy of Love.’ But I can assure you there is nothing proper about what goes on between Lawrence and Cassianna at the academy.

 Q. Are you working on anything at the present you would like to tell us about?
I’m working on an exciting erotic romance ‘Bimini Bound’ set on a luxury yacht in the Bahamas, with an older woman/younger man, mistaken identity, and themes of voyeurism, ménage, and exotic locales. Very fun!

Q. What are you reading now?
Let’s see what in my Kindle: I’m reading Kendra Elliot’s ‘Buried,’ ‘Blink of the Eye’ by Kiera Ramsey, “The Stranger’ by Kyra Davis and Ella Laurance’s ‘Art of Pleasure.’       

Druuuuuummmrolllll please. Tell us all about that book!



Love smolders and the sex is red hot when Cassianna Baxter leaves behind a glamorous teaching career in Italy to return to her old Alma Mater, Lewiston Academy for Girls as the Deputy Head Mistress. No sooner does she arrive at the Academy than she walks smack into sexy Lawrence Taylor, her first love and ex-lover. He’s been looking for her ever since he was forced to leave her and now that she is back at the Academy he knows he has to win her back. And not just in his bed.  


She had not seen Lawrence in almost twelve years, but there he was before her. His rugged, handsome good looks unchanged. His muscled body evident with his shirtsleeves rolled up, she could see those strong forearms and his adept hands. Oh, what he could do with those hands. She was unable to take her gaze from his. Words would not form in her mouth as she stared at him.

Lawrence stepped forward, extending his hand to Mr.Stevens. “I am pleased to meet you. I’m Lawrence Taylor,” his voice deep and confident, “chairman of the board of trustees for the academy.”

Cassianna’s jaw dropped, but she quickly closed it, struggling to regain her professionalism. She hoped she appeared cool on the outside, inside her mind was racing even faster than her pulsing heart.
She tried to center her thoughts; averting her gaze from

Lawrence’s. She struggled with her composure and found her voice. “The Stevens are here for a tour of the school and were just admiring the Equestrian Center,” she said in Penny's direction. She feared that making eye contact with Lawrence would have her completely unglued. “And Penny is keen to join the riding team,” Cassianna stuttered, nodding to the young girl.

“Is that so?” Lawrence smiled encouragingly at Penny. “I’m a bit of a horse man myself.”

That’s an understatement, Cassianna thought, given the hours he’d spent coaching her years ago. And not just in the ring. Lawrence had been a talented and devoted lover, but now was not the time to think about that. She couldn’t help but notice that devastatingly charming grin that hadn’t changed, the way one corner of his mouth raised slightly higher than the other. She knew every nook and cranny of that mouth. A hot flush rushed between her thighs as her eyes lingered on him, remembering just how strong her attraction to him was all those years ago. 


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More Kate:

Other Kate Deveaux new and upcoming releases:

 Vi Martin, a successful multi-millionaire businesswoman, is in for a surprise when the domestic agency sends her a new butler for her swanky Miami retreat. Drop dead gorgeous Clarkson Dale is the consummate professional butler until he meets his new employer. Strictly professional by day but all bets are off at night when they explore their fantasies. The sparks fly and their attraction is undeniable when they break all the rules when Michel, Vi’s gorgeous young french trained chef joins Clarkson and Vi in exploring her deeper sexual tastes. Also published as part of the erotic anthology At Your Service. Total E-Bound Official Release Date: July 5 2013


The last thing Jody needs is to complicate her life in just seven short days… but that’s exactly what happens when the recently divorced, single mom and her three best friends board a Caribbean cruise and she falls for the dashing celebrity guest, Taggart Keith. Their attraction sizzles at sea, but life is anything but smooth sailing when they return to land. Jody is shocked to find out that Taggart doesn’t practice what he preaches — he hasn’t left his past behind at all. The best selling author and self-help guru is used to getting what he wants but Jody isn’t so sure she can take a chance on love again. Will it be full steam ahead for the small town girl and the jet-setting bachelor?  Red Sage Publishing Official Release Date: December 1 2013

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Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes Diane Thorne!

I am really excited to have fellow TEB Author, Diane Thorne on this week's Tell Me About it Tuesday! She's pretty awesome!  Check her out!

About Diane:

I am an erotic romance writer living in Indiana. I write in a variety of genres such as Contemporary, Menage a Trois, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and Paranormal Erotic Romance. As a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy, my mind constantly wanders into other worlds full of dark and mysterious creatures. Needless-to-say, vampires, demons, werewolves, ghosts, and fallen angels are my friends. A few bite, others tempt, and some are hot as hell. They suck me into their world, especially after I have consumed a little red wine, and their company never bores. Join me and my friends, but reader beware: I am not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, hormonal stirrings, or unusual bite marks.

HAHAHAH! I love it! Thanx for stopping by, Diane!

Now for the torturous interview! 

Q. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?

I’m currently working on a series called Diary of a Free Woman. It’s about a 44 year old woman. She’s been divorced a long time, her kids are grown, and she’s accrued a large rainy day fund as well as vacation time from her job. She’s taking a dream vacation and traveling across Europe. She runs into some hot, gorgeous men and finds herself in rare opportunities. Should she take them? Well, of course. The first story is Passion in the Sky and is set for release in September, with pre order in August. Other stories in the series will soon follow.

Q. Do you have a favorite story of the ones you’ve written, either published or not? Why?

I do have favorite scenes in stories, usually one in each book/story that I write. As for one favorite among the others…No. I like all the characters and stories. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t write them. Jay in my series is a favorite of mine. He can’t get enough of his favorite woman. The demons in the Playful Demons series are my favorites too. In my Sisters of Lonewood series, I’d choose Alison’s Story and Lisa’s Story as my top picks. Alison is the more outgoing, experimental type whereas Lisa is the opposite. She’s your more normal, average woman. Their stories of finding love were fun to write.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff?

Q. If you won the lottery, what is the FIRST thing you’d do? What would you buy and why?

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is pay off my mortgage. Then, I’d sell my house and buy another one in Texas. I’d make sure my daughter’s education is paid for too.

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

I read just about anything. What I pick up depends on my mood. I have books on my shelf from three years ago and I’ve added more. I have quite the variety. My favorites are urban fantasy and paranormal romances for the most part.

Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise can be a secret...we won't tell. :)

Hmm… Diane is not my real name. This actually surprised my mother on Mother's Day. I thought I'd told her about my pen name. Apparently, not. LOL

Okkkkkkkkay, time to tell us about that book. (which has a FANTASTIC cover!)

Passion in the Sky is my latest release. It's the first in the Diary of a Free Woman series. Her first stop is in London. Then, she's going to visit in Paris, Italy, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Ireland for her European Visit. Two out of the six stories will be ménages: Italy and Ireland. (Shh, don't tell anyone)

When I'd first created the series, I had planned to visit Paris. Then my daughter changed her mind and I canceled the trip. I've always wanted to visit, so I decided to stick with the series. I've had to do a little research to make the stories more real/lifelike. The protagonist is a bit like me, single and with a grown child. I won't say what other ways we're alike. The reader can speculate. Anyway, I imagined myself in my protagonist shoes and wondered what would she do if… You'll have to read the stories to find out the answers.


Gwenever is a free woman for the first time in her life, and she’s eager to fulfill a life-long dream of traveling across Europe. She kisses her two grown children goodbye, then boards a plane to London. By accident, she bumps into Phillip Connor, a sexy billionaire, and he quickly takes a keen interest in her.

During the long flight, he seduces her with his bluntness and charm. She teases him with her spicy words. The roller coaster of sexual tension drives each of them insane with lust. When Phillip begs Gwen to meet him privately in one of the facilities, she will have to decide if she’s ready to join the mile high club with one hot and playful billionaire.

Pre-order it:

***This book will release 9/6/13 but you can get it now from TEB!***
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