Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes back Bebe Balocca!

This week I'm welcoming back fellow TEB author, Bebe Balocca!

She came to hang out again and let me torture her AGAIN with more interview questions!

Hehehe. Thanx for stopping by, Bebe! It was even more fun than last time!!

Meet Bebe!

"I live in a teeny-tiny town in the southeastern United States, surrounded by rolling hills and lots of cows. My house is brimming with my rowdy sons, hot husband, and more pets than I can shake a stick at. When I close my eyes, though, I’m in a white stucco villa on the Mediterranean, sipping a glass of red wine and watching the turquoise waves crash at my feet. Next to my hot husband, naturally."

Q. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing for an educational company (I edit and write those test passages that kids in grades K-10 take in reading standardized tests) for quite a few years, and in the last five years or so have branched out and written for parenting and culture magazines, both online and print. However, I’ve always, ALWAYS wanted to write fiction, so I really took the leap in fall of 2011 and pursued it aggressively.

Q. What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

Do some research and find a particular company that appeals to you. (I write for Total-E-Bound and Ellora’s Cave and have had entirely positive experiences with both.) It should have a good reputation among authors and be open to submissions from new writers, and of course it should publish the type of book you want to write. Write with that company’s guidelines in mind. There may also be a particular submission call you can write to. Edit and revise carefully before you send, prepare to wait several weeks to hear back, and read what the editor says with an open mind and a thick skin. And while you’re waiting, of course, write something else!

Q. Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

I still do contract work under my legal name, and I’m fortunate that my schedule is flexible. If I’m not feeling inspired to write fiction, then I go and work on test passages and revisions. I try to not get stuck—if I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything, I get up and do some chores or take one of our dogs for a walk. Sometimes it helps tremendously to just turn my brain off for awhile.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff. You know, just between the two of us.

Q. The opportunity to go on a surprise vacation arises. You have 90 minutes to pack and get to the airport. Where will you go and what will you pack?
To an all-inclusive luxury resort on the beach in Mexico. Three bikinis, two cover-ups, a few cute sundresses, flip-flops, undies, grab my purse and passport and I’m out the door!
Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?
Lately I’ve been enjoying short stories. I’m finishing up “The Dragon Book,” an anthology of fantasy stories, and I have a couple of sci-fi anthologies that calling to me from my bookshelf. I also have some erotic romances that I can’t wait to read – “Love Claus” by Genevieve Scholl and “Venetian Love Knots” by Normandie Alleman in particular.
Q. If they make a movie about your life, who do you want to play your part?
Winona Ryder. I’ve been told that we look a little alike, and I like her. She seems like she’d be really fun to hang out with.
Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us...it can be a secret...we won't tell. :)
I write with my blue-eyed dappled dachshund, Scarlett, either in the cushioned chair next to me or in my lap. I love her a ridiculous amount.

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!! Let's hear about that new book! (which has an awesomesauce cover, btw!)


She knew that being close to tigers was her destiny, but she never thought she'd be riding on top of one…
Faline Hopper owns and runs a free-range tiger refuge in northeastern Colorado. She loves the animals and the mission of Kat’s Crest, but the sanctuary is on the verge of financial disaster. A mysterious stranger with deep pockets comes to its rescue.

Hunter Cartwright is one tall, cool drink of Alabama water. Sparks fly immediately when he shows up at Faline’s door. He’s ravenous for the blond beauty, but there’s something he needs to make Faline understand before he can really sink his teeth into her.

Something that happens at sundown, when the tigers roam the sanctuary and the nightly hunts begin…

The curse of the tiger was cast by a Native American witch. Abetzi rejects the Great Spirit and worships a powerful demon instead. Faline is determined to free Hunter from the witch’s spell and to stop Abetzi from abusing exotic animals, but at what price?

Will Faline risk everything to put a halt to Abetzi’s cruelty—And will it be worth it?


Faline threw the door open when he knocked. Hunter guessed by her wide smile that she’d assumed that one of her workers had returned.
“Oh, hi,” she said, her buoyant smile replaced by a slightly abashed expression. “Hunter, right? Come on in.”

He nodded, running his eyes up and down her slim figure. Still in her sweatpants and hot pink tank top, Faline’s body was athletic, toned and lushly curved, and her hair was a tantalising blonde mop of bedheaded perfection. How many days had he gone without being around a beautiful woman? The hag had made his captivity seem like years, but it had been only a matter of weeks. Still, the way the thin ribbed cotton hugged the toned curve of her belly and the tender undersides of her breasts made him want to pounce on her and rip every shred of clothing from her body.

Clearing his throat, Hunter answered with a lopsided grin. “Yes, indeed. I slipped out while you were resting, but I’d like to talk with you about a possible position.” He suppressed a chuckle. I’d like to talk about having you positioned on your stomach with your legs spread wide…

“Oh, yes,” Faline answered. “Honestly, hiring someone new hasn’t been a remote possibility for some time, but it seems our situation has changed a great deal.” Her hazel eyes sparkled. “What sort of position were you considering?”

“Oh, I’m open to just about anything,” Hunter replied. “But I’ve had more than my fair share of dealings with tigers. I feel that I have a unique understanding of them.” The scream of a soaring hawk drew his attention to the window. “Be dark pretty soon,” he noted. “Guess those tigers will be up and about, huh?”

“Mm-hmm,” Faline answered. “They hunt at night.” Hunter felt her gaze on him and knew that she was both intrigued and wary about the stranger in her home.

“I don’t need any money, so you don’t need to worry about that. I’d just like to volunteer my services and let you decide how best to use me.” Hunter let his eyes wander down to her slim, tanned neck. She looked so vulnerable and sweet. He imagined that she’d taste of honey and salt. He wondered if she was even stronger than she looked—would she enjoy grappling with him while they made love? That could be, he thought, incredibly fun. His cock began to swell and stiffen inside the coarse fabric of his blue jeans.

“I will need somewhere to stay, though,” he murmured, and took a step toward her. “Maybe we can work something out between us.”

“Oh, um,” Faline stammered and licked her lips. “We could talk about your options, I suppose. I’d say I probably do have a place for you, now that you mention it, seeing as you’re comfortable with tigers.”

“I don’t know if ‘comfortable’ is the right word.” He took his hand in hers and brought it to his lips. “’Experienced’ is better, I think. I’d say I’m pretty experienced.” He pressed his lips to her knuckles and watched for her reaction. “Would you say that you’re experienced, too, Faline?”

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  1. Bebe your cover is amazing. Good luck with this new book!

  2. Thank you, T.M. - I was bowled over by the cover, too - TEB's Emmy Ellis did a fabulous job. And thanks so much for having me back, Chrissy! It was a delight to tell you about Curse of the Tiger.

  3. Great interview and excerpt!
    Congrats, Bebe!
    And I agree, that is an awesome cover!