Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tell Me About It Tueday Welcomes (again) Lavender Daye!!!!!!!!!!!

My good friend and critique partner wanted to take over my blog, so I said yes!  Without further ado, here's Lavender!

Fairy Tales for Smart Women

Hi! I’m Lavender Daye, and that’s what I write!
“Why fairy tales?” you might ask.
Here’s my answer.

By definition, a fairy tale is an interesting but highly implausible story, often told as an excuse.

Let’s compare the definition to my most recent release, Haze of Desire:

A beautiful but outspoken attorney receives a death threat. Samantha calls the trusted friend who always helps her out with security, but he’s out of town and his new partner shows up.

The hunky former military security specialist doesn’t want to babysit the acerbic attorney, even though she reminds him of hot nights and even hotter sheets.
Shots are fired (verbaland actual bullets!).
Well, hell. He can’t leave her alone on the streets while someone takes potshots at her. Zack takes her to his place as a stopgap while he looks for somewhere safe to stash her.
Death threats pile up.
The only place he knows with enough security already in place is his favorite BDSM club, Velvet Glove, and he happens to have friends to help him out with a private suite.

Does this sound like something that could happen to you?
Definitely not my everyday routine, but that’s just me. I sit and type all day. Nobody threatens my life (thank goodness), bullets don’t fly (except on the gun range with my personal prince), and I only visit BDSM clubs in my books ;).
I’m a wife, a mom, and a writer. And I’ve always loved a good story. I don’t want to read about housework or childcare or long car trips. When I choose a book to read, I want excitement! I want to get away from my regular (happy) life and connect with a character in an exciting part of her life.
I want an adventure.
I want to be whisked into a world where criminals lurk and hot hunky heroes save the damsel in distress, and then carry her off to a hidden club where he teaches her the erotic joy of bondage and submission.
That isn’t too much to ask, is it?
     Happy reading!
Lavender Daye

Here's the lovely cover of the book she mentioned (It's a really good one)


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  1. >>I’m a wife, a mom, and a writer. And I’ve always loved a good story. I don’t want to read about housework or childcare or long car trips.<<

    What a great observation! Wishing you all the best with "Haze of Desire"!

    Nancy C

  2. Hey, Lavender. Such a great name! Love your take on this genre. Knowing you, I've always been amazed at what you write. :) Now I get it. Thanks. Based on the readers I met at RomCon, there are a lot of folks out there who think the way you do. Sales should be great. Hope so. BTW, great story line.

  3. For many years, my escape has been reading. Now I write too. I'm also a housewife and mother. I don't want to read (or write) about the kind of stuff that happens every day. How boring would that be?!