Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Feature: Dark Hearts!

For my debut of Friday Feature, I have the lovely T.R. Stoddard sharing her very own playlist from her new release, a fantastic New Adult entitled Dark Hearts!

So without further ado, I will turn things over to T.R!

Music is a huge part of my writing process. I have millions of ideas, at least it seems that way, vying for attention while I write. If a song can capture the feeling of the idea, it helps to keep me focused and grounded in that environment. Dark Hearts is an edgier novel with themes of depression, self-harm, eating disorders, and suicide. Naturally, I didn't find upbeat music resonated with the novel or its characters. There are plenty of endearing moments snaked within its pages, but they came naturally. No mood-setting needed.

Funny enough, music played such a huge part in this novel that I had the playlist on the first page right under the title. I opted not to keep it that way, but I would love to tell you what each song meant to me during the process. I kept the list on shuffle, so the order isn't super important. I would listen to most of the song in every area of the book.

Damaged by Assemblage 23: First of all...I love love love this song.

The beginning of the song sums up Kara's world. She lives with an alcoholic mother and an absent father, living third in her mother's eyes to the bottle and men. “I am merely the product of the life that I lived. An amalgam of sorrows and the wisdom they give. But the weight has grown heavy and it's dragging me down.”

30k ft by Assemblage 23:

This song sums up unfinished words, things left unsaid. While the theme of this song is more uplifting than the overall theme of Dark hearts, it is fitting at the same time.

Disappoint by Assemblage 23:

This song takes on suicide from the survivors' perspective. I felt that was much needed.

Swing Life Away by Rise Against:

“Let's compare scars and I'll tell you who's worse.” Self explanatory.

Bother by Stone Sour:

“I wish I was too dead to cry, self-affliction fades.” Kara cuts to try to get through the pain, all the while wishing for death. Until that special person enters her life. The right person can give you hope, the wrong person can kill it forever.

Russian Roulette by Rihanna:

This song plays a huge part in Dark Hearts, but you'll have to read to find out how.

Breathe Me by Sia:

The breathy, airy, sad quality of this song made for a long time on repeat. These kids are looking for friends, looking for help. Sometimes they get more than they bargained for.

Through the Glass by Stone Sour

Broken(ft Amy Lee) by Seether

Jumper by Third Eye Blind

Hold On by Good Charlotte

I hope you guys enjoyed getting an inside perspective onto my Dark Hearts playlist. 

WOW! That's some awesome stuff! Thanx for sharing, T.R.

Let's here about that book!


In the Dark Hearts chat room, a predator lurks amid damaged souls looking for someone to relate with. Fifteen year old Kara is certain she's found Mr. Right and vows to meet him after one month of online chatting. Can you really know someone connected only by an internet connection? Or is love universal?
After losing the love of his life to suicide, a man becomes a twisted vigilante against suicidal young women. A fixed game of chance delivers his justice. Can true love break his cycle of death, or will a twist of fate let his crimes catch up with him?
Doesn't this look like a FANTASTIC read? Right now, it's a BARGAIN at .99!!!!!! Get it today!!!!!
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  1. Love how you posted a little snippet with each song. That's really cool. Love the cover too.

  2. Great cover! Looks like a great soundtrack. It always helps when you can find the perfect music.