Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three...errr...Six...Sentence Thursday!

Oh screw it, I was never good at math, anyway.

Here's a snippet of Chance Collision, my WIP! 

I am almost there, YAY!!!!!!!!!!  About 11k to go!

“I like you, Pete Crane, but this better be good,” she said by way of greeting.
Pete laughed. “I’m on my way to pick you up.”
“That good, huh?”
“Of course, if I’m bugging you past eight p.m. it’s gotta be good.”
Lee sighed.
Pete heard a familiar male voice in the background. And water running. Damn, he was really interrupting them. “Tell my brother I said hi. And that I’m sorry for ruining y’all’s evening.”

And because we need to look at something awesome on Thursday, here's what Pete looks like in my head! (YUMMY)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Chrissy dahlin, it seems like forever since I've been over here, between you frantically writing and me frantically writing...missed ya.

    So that's Pete? Yeah, I can see that.