Sunday, May 19, 2013

Six Sentences Sunday becomes Twelve!

So, in honor of Collision Force being available for pre-order, I decided to do six sentences from it, and six more from Chance Collision, which I am writing now!  YAY!

Cole cursed. He stared into the rear-view mirror in the busy parking lot, but saw nothing. He’d been so close this time.

The damn local police were breathing down his neck, and that was the last thing he wanted…or needed.

Cooperation, my ass. They needed to get the hell out of his case.

This is the first six sentences of the book.  Hope it teases you enough to pre-order it.  Hehehe!

“Are you almost ready?”

Nikki whirled and ran smack dab into the wall of Pete’s muscled chest.

“Whoa.” Strong hands enclosed her shoulders and the warmth of his skin sank through the soft material of her short-sleeved sweater.

Her body heated, and her cheeks burned.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you okay?” 

This one is hot off the presses, as in I wrote it last night. It's in Chapter 10 of Pete and Nikki's book.

Happy Sunday, I hope you enjoy my series. I really love this series and can't wait til Pete's book is done!


    So here's a paragraph from my January release: The Marine's Last Defense.

    Jake shrugged out of the heavy overcoat and took a couple of deep breaths to prepare for the icy submersion. He maneuvered his long body into the back seat almost as soon as his feet crossed through window. He broke the water's surface, grabbed Dallas and then lost her when her body hit the ice water. He spun in the water to get out and caught movement on the driver's side of the car. The men who had run them into the lake were approaching through the bushes.
    Love reading your stuff, Chrissy!

    1. This is AWESOME Angi! Not a good place to leave off, you tease! Hehehe!