Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tell Me About it Tuesday Welcomes Jorja Lovett!

This week I am welcoming fellow TEB Author, Jorja Lovett.

Welcome to my blog, Jorja!!! I am SO glad that you've stopped by and let me interview you!

Without further ado, meet Jorja!

Q. How has your journey in publishing been? Anything you would or wouldn’t do again?

I think it's fair to say it's been a learning experience for me. I've had my fair share of knock backs but that feeling of signing a new contract is addictive. It's also been an incredibly rewarding process. I like to think with every story I write I'm improving as an author. If I was starting out again I think I would take time to learn which publishers to avoid…

Q. What made you pick your particular genre?

I love a good love story, so romance will always be where my heart lies. It also means I can cross over into erotic and paranormal elements which I frequently do.

Q. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?

I'm actually working on the sequel to The Wolf on the Hill. It focuses on Rory and Naomi's story and also gives a catch up with the other characters in the Olcan Hills.

Q. Do you have a favorite story of the ones you’ve written, either published or not? Why?

It might sound cheesy, but The Wolf on the Hill is my favourite story I've ever written. I love Caleb and Mia and I've really put my all into their story. Total-E-Bound are the first of my publishers to let me keep my Britishisms and I think you get more of a feel for my voice. I have a very dry sense of humour which I hope comes across in my feisty characters.

Okay...enough with the business questions! How about some fun stuff?


Q. If you won the lottery, what is the FIRST thing you’d do? What would you buy and why?

A plane ticket to somewhere hot. We've just had two weeks of heavy snow here in Northern Ireland and I've got a miserable cold right now. I would buy a gorgeous villa near the beach and spend my days writing sexy books with a cabana boy nearby 

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

I like novels that will put a smile on my face at the end, whether they are YA or erotica lol

Q. Tell us one thing about you that might surprise us...it can be a secret...we won't tell. :)

I am quite shy…until you get to know me ;)

SO, I love this cover...and I can't WAIT to hear about this book!  So, SPILL! 


Book one in The Wild Irish Wolves Series.

Can two stubborn wolf shifters let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?

Lone wolf Caleb Jackson is only back in town long enough to sell his late father's house, and the bad memories with it. He never expected to find his mate.

Good girl Mia Blake never behaves badly. Except for the time she shifts into her wolf, chases a stranger through Olcan Hills, and has the hottest sex of her life on the forest floor.

He has no desire to settle down. She is afraid to upset her family. But, with someone determined to destroy Caleb's inheritance, and his secret fling with Mia getting hot and heavy, moving on isn't as easy as he'd hoped.

Can either of them let down their guards long enough to take a chance on love?


Rain soaked Mia’s fur as she bounded through the woods bordering the Olcan Hills, relishing every inch of earth mashed beneath her claws. Trees became nothing more than a blur as she raced by, running to find her release out here where she answered to no one but nature.

This was freedom.

When she reached the top of the hill she came to a standstill and released her primal scream of frustration in a howl, unleashing everything she couldn’t say to her overbearing family, pouring every hidden truth of who she really was into one long mournful call.

In the distance, another wolf echoed her cry and answered with one of his own. This was the reason her mother despised her shifting into her wolf form. She went kind of crazy and forgot all sense of danger in the excitement. Exactly the reason why she did it in secret. And now, here she was, totally exposed in the Northern Irish countryside, crouched and listening out for the intruder’s approach.

Snapping twigs and rustling leaves marked his stealthy journey towards her but she stood her ground, regardless of how loudly her heart was beating in her ears. The wind carried his scent and raised the hackles along her spine when she sniffed the air. Another shifter, but one she didn’t recognise. Big bro would use her pelt for a rug if he found out she’d strayed beyond the boundary.

Amber eyes glowed in the dark shadows as the large grey wolf stalked through the forest. She bowed in submission. Even if she had a clue how to fight, he was double her size and twice as powerful. He growled a low warning and sniffed her with interest, his wet nose nudging her clammy fur. Did he expect her to roll over and show her belly? Pride wouldn’t let her, but she was careful not to make eye contact as he circled around her twice in case he took it as a challenge.

She only lifted her head when she saw him pad away, heading back to the cover of the trees. He stopped, looked back at her, and cocked his head to one side. When she didn’t move he returned and nipped her ear. She yelped in surprise and indignation. Of all the nerve!

The rules of engagement were abandoned in the heat of her outrage and, in a snarling frenzy, she launched herself at him. For an animal so large, the grey wolf moved gracefully, dodging her attack to race ahead and leaving Mia in dogged pursuit.

Tree branches tore at her skin as she ploughed heedlessly into the woodland, but the pain dulled in the exhilaration of the chase. As they wove their way through the undergrowth, Mia’s anger subsided to let her long-neglected sense of fun take over.

He wanted her to follow him. She knew that from the glances he kept throwing back at her. So she stopped and slipped quietly behind the stump of an uprooted oak, waiting to see what he would do. White wisps of steam escaped from her nostrils as she fought to get her breath back and suddenly the area seemed too quiet.

With a thud Grey leapt onto the tree stump, and leant back onto his haunches ready to pounce. Mia took off again and this time she was the hunted. She didn’t get very far before he sprang and knocked her off her feet.

In a tangle of limbs they rolled through the leafy debris of the forest floor, shifting into their human form as they came to rest, with her pinned to the ground by a hard, muscular, naked body.

"Well, that was fun." He grinned down at her, making no attempt to get off her, his green eyes full of mischief.

"If you say so." Mia’s heart still raced but she was at enough of a disadvantage wedged underneath him without admitting she enjoyed the capture as much as the chase.

"I didn’t hurt you, did I?" He bent his head to kiss the scratches marking her shoulder and suddenly the only ache she felt was hidden deep inside.

"No." She swallowed hard as he ventured closer to her already puckered nipples.

"Do you want me to stop?" His hot breath on her sensitive skin engulfed her in a tide of hormones she hadn’t been ruled by in a long time, if ever.

Maybe a piece of her wolf was still in her system, thriving on the excitement and danger, but she was horny, and ripe for the picking. "No."

With a need to touch, to taste this handsome stranger on her tongue, she manoeuvred enough room to free her hands and wind them into his dark blond hair, pulling him down into a kiss.

He massaged her breasts, first with his hand, quickly followed by his mouth. The sucking and licking around her straining pink tips made her arousal too great to bear. She writhed against him, wet and waiting, but he let her suffer further still whilst he covered her mounds in tiny, exquisite bites.

Bewitched by the woods and her fantasy lover, she swapped the dull reality of her life for this moment, cavorting like the sort of woodland nymph she longed to be. Someone who lived without fear of consequences or judgement.

She wanted him. Prim and proper Mia Blake, who never stepped out of line, was lying naked in the woods with a stranger’s erection pressing into her abdomen, and she loved it. A restlessness seized hold as her body cried out with need. Her limbs trembled, her fingers and toes curled, waiting for that final act of completion. As dusk settled around them and an ethereal fog swirled between the trees, she lost herself in the erotic dream and let him sink into her.

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  1. Great interview and an awesome excerpt! Book sounds fantastic :)

  2. Oooh, nice excerpt! Love the wolf-shifter premise and the hot cover, too. Thanks for sharing it, Jorja, and great interview, C.A.! :)

  3. Congratulations on the release, Jorja! I agree with Chrissy, the cover's lovely! And I like the notion that you set the book in your home territory.

    Meanwhile, if you're cold, head over here to Southeast Asia. It's over 40 Celcius (argh!)

    1. Thanks Lisabet.

      I think 40C might just kill me!

  4. I love a good wolf shifter story and look forward to reading one that is set in the Northern Ireland countryside. Congratulations on your release Jorja.

    I love the cover as well. There are many places in Australia that can offer you warmth all year round ;)

  5. Thanks Donna :)

    Australia is top of my wish list to visit!

  6. Love this cover Jorja. Looking forward to getting my hands on Wolfie!

  7. Thanks Michaela :)

    He's ready and waiting!