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Tell me About it Tuesday! Welcome Cecilia Robert!

This week on Tell me About it Tuesday is a very good friend of mine, Cecilia Robert! 

I absolutely ADORE her books and I am so glad to share them with everyone!!!!

THANK YOU for stopping by, Cece!

About Cece: 

She lives in Vienna with her two children, has an incurable obsession with books, anything romantic, TV and medieval architecture. When not working in her full time job, catching up with her two children, writing or reading, she can be found, knitting or crocheting, taking photos of old buildings.

Cece let me torture her with interview questions, so here goes!

Q. What made you pick your particular genre?

I write both contemporary romance and urban fantasy, and recently started on a paranormal romance story with steam punk elements. I usually write in genres I enjoy reading.

Q. What are you working on right now? Can you tell us about it?

I’m working on A Need so Insatiable – a contemporary romance.

About the story:

Graduate opera singer, Sophie Fisher’s life is on fire and it’s not her breathtaking voice lighting it, but the trail of debts her father left behind after he passed away a few months ago. If she’s not ducking around corners or slipping out of windows to escape the debt collectors and a slew of characters sent from hell, she’s dealing with her rebellious fifteen-year-old sister, Lilli, who is still coming to terms with their father’s death. And as if that’s not enough, Rafael Van Rees bursts into her life—literally—bringing with him a set of emotions she isn’t prepared to deal with and a life the public had no idea of.

Rafael Van Rees, Maestro extraordinaire, just wants to be left in peace to date whichever woman he feels like, have dinner with whomever he feels like, and just enjoy his life. Until he meets Sophie and his past returns to haunt him. And just when he thought he didn’t care about her, his history proves him wrong. He knows when it comes to her, it’s all or nothing. Besides, she makes him feel fuzzy all over.
Is Sophie’s fire hot enough to melt the ice coursing through his veins?

Q. Do you have a favorite story of the ones you’ve written, either published or not? Why?

Oh goodness! It’s quite difficult pointing out which story is my favorite. I love all my stories. Seriously, I can’t choose one over the other because every one of the is completely different.

Q. When YOU read, what do you like to pick up?

It depends on my mood at that particular moment.  My reading tastes range from sweet romance, urban fantasy, historical to erotica, steam punk. I usually browse my list on my kindle. If I don’t have one that calls to my reading buds, then I check on book recommendations

I am *really* excited to hear about your latest release. The cover is made of AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!

Reaper’s Novice is my recent release – The story is about 17 year old girl,  Ana, who loses her family in a accident. After trading her soul for the four souls of her family, she makes a deal with Grim and becomes his Novice. Only to find out there is more to her being chosen for this position. So much is revealed of who she truly is and the reason why she was chosen.


            I jolt awake to the sound of my own snoring. The class erupts into a discordant choir of laughter, which heightens my loathing for Mondays.

           Way to go, Ana. You snagged the position of the class clown of the day.

           I look down at my hand and groan as I watch drool slide to the desk. I wipe my mouth with my other hand. In front of the class, Herr Bauer glares, his eyebrows almost touching his nose. I sink lower in my seat, my face heating up. He turns his thin frame to face the board and continues scribbling whatever I interrupted. The attention shifts to the front of the class, and I allow air in my lungs.

           Last night Grim and I must have gone to over ten places, and every collection was as heart wrenching as the next.

            I brace my pounding head with one hand, more to keep it from falling off than in concentration. My eyes alternate between the board and my notebook. I’m just glad Rolf will tutor me tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be ready for exams on Wednesday.

           Speaking of Rolf…

           I glance over my shoulder one desk behind me and raise my eyebrows at Reiner. He shakes his head. He hasn’t seen or spoken to Rolf, either. He hasn’t replied to any of my texts. Wherever he is, I hope he’s safe.

           The air inside the room shifts. My hand drops from my head, as I look around and zoom in on the slouching figure at the back of the class, and groan.

           Zig is rapidly proving to be the bane of my existence. He smiles and waves, looking very proud of himself. I ignore him and face Herr Bauer, my heart pounding. Is there no way to stop this guy? Does he even listen?

           What’s he up to? I dart a quick look over my shoulder. Zig struts confidently towards me. Before he reaches my desk, I shoot to my feet, excuse myself to the bathroom, and scurry out of the room, ignoring the teacher’s glare.

           I head straight inside the girls’ bathroom. As soon as the door closes, I turn around and slam into Zig’s chest. “Gah!” I leap away from him. After checking under the stall doors and finding them empty, I round on him. “I’m in class, Zig. Studying for my exams. What do you want?”

            He folds his arms across his chest and shrugs. “To rescue you, lovely. You were dying of boredom in there.”

            My eyes blink open. “I was trying to concentrate.”

            “You were snoring and drooling.”

            I clench my jaw. Really, what does one say after being caught drooling? I lean back on the sink and rub my temples. “I can’t deal with you right now.”

            Zig leans forwards, raises his eyebrows, and smiles. “I’m bearing gifts.” He hands me something wrapped in flimsy wrapping paper. “Your trench. Rikar says hi.”

           At the mention of the tailor, I shudder. “Thanks.” I rub the light-as-air material, inspecting the tiny compartments for the soul vials while ignoring his eyes on me. My stomach twists as the truth of holding the trench in my hands hits me. It cements everything. What I am, not what I will become.        
           “Doesn’t protect much during winter, does it?” I say in a quiet voice.

           “It adapts to the season. Do you like it?”

           “It’s beautiful.”

            Zig ducks his head and peers at me. “Hey, are you okay?”

            I nod. “Thank you, Zig.”

            He rubs his hands together. “Good. Are you ready for our lessons?”

           “Don’t you have any collections to do? I have to go back to class.”

            Nope. And your class ends in three, two, one…” The bell rings. “Come on, lovely. Let’s shift out of here. We’ll get your bag on the way out.” I don’t move a step. “Look, this training is part of your protection. You’ll add it to your kick-ass kit.”

            “Kick-ass kit?” I frown. “What’s that?”

            “Did Ernest give you the knife?” I nod. “Now, the kick-ass kit is the overall package you’ll need for the job. Trench, soul knife, food, me.” He wiggles his eyebrows.

            I roll my eyes. “Right.”

            “Good. We understand each other. Come on. Someone’s coming.”

            I grab his hand, and we shift out and inside the now empty classroom. After shoving the books inside the rucksack, we leave.

Go get it, like TODAY! 

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