Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lusting for Cover: Sharks in Space!

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What’s a girl to do when her parents gift her with a man for Christmas?

Caught between two kingdoms, Jordan has given up the privileged world of intergalactic court life to become an interstellar biologist researching space sharks. Unexpectedly saddled with a husband from a race who are rumored to be sex fiends, her life is yanked in a direction she doesn’t want.

But Cai isn’t human and he must have the emotional feedback of a mate in order to survive. Charged with protecting Jordan, can he win her heart and keep her safe from harm?

Will they survive the challenges that arise…sexual, emotional and political? Time is ticking away and it’s not on their side.


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I read this one recently, and I ADORED the story. It's a novella so it's a nice fast read with a very original story, and world that I hope Sid revisits, cuz I wanted to know more. As always w/ her books, it was hot. I ate it up in a matter of hours! It was awesome!
And the cover is hot hot hot! LOVE!
Go get it now! Hehehe!