Sunday, September 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: Promise

This is from a short story I wrote in hopes to be included in an anthology my writing group is doing. We're going to vote for the top 15 and I sure hope I make it in.

Entitled Promise, it's starring Bella, who is a secondary character in my romantic suspense, Collision Force. I love being able to stretch my character wings and get to know them more.

She'll most likely have her own book one day! Anyway, enjoy Bella and her boyfriend, Matt!

How did he know her so well? “Sounds like a plan,” she answered softly, leaning closer. He took full advantage of the invitation and slid his hand at the back of her neck as his lips settled over hers.

            Bella’s heart went into overdrive as she opened for him, their tongues mingling. She slipped her arms around his neck, needing to be even closer. Body heating, she clung to Matt and kissed him back with all her might.

All rights reserved; copyright © C. A. Szarek. The text within may not be reproduced in whole or in part or distributed in any form whatsoever OR SOLD without first obtaining permission from the author.


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    1. Lol. Thanx Michelle. I appreciate it. I love them, too.

  2. Gees oh pete you always leave me wanting more....Love your writing