Sunday, August 12, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

So this is hot off the presses. Like I *just* wrote this whole scene. I like the feel of it. This is not supposed to be my WIP, but well, right now it is. *wink* So, it's eleven sentences, but I like it alot, hehehe.

“Last time I checked, there were no rules as to who could be in the kitchen. Speaking of which, why are you two up at three in the morning? And why in the kitchen of all places? After midnight snack?”
“You writin’ a book?” Jo returned.
Hudson made his way to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, holding another up to see if anyone wanted one. Kes shook her head, but smiled in appreciation.
Evan opened a junk drawer in the wide island they sat at, grabbed a pen and notepad and made a move like he was pushing up invisible glasses, staring intently at Jo, his pen poised. “Why yes, would you like to be a part of my investigation?”
            “I could list all the reasons you’re a dumbass, since you’re ready to write.”

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  1. Love it!!! AND I love Jo's name! Hehe. ;)

  2. Hmmmmm...l wonder WHERE that came from?

  3. Hahaha. Love that last line. I adore smart-alec heroines.