Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fate's Call #17

I'm pleased with how this turned out, so I really hope you guys like it. Just an FYI, I will probably wrap up the story in the next 3-4 posts I'm thinking. I'm writing it as I go, in case you're wondering. It would be awesome if it was complete and I was just sharing it w/ y'all weekly, but that's not how the my busy world works. But, I hope you like it!

            It wasn’t difficult to find a priest and an available chapel.

Erron shifted from foot to foot, smoothing the shimmery ivory gown Anais had insisted on buying her. The move was unnecessary as the dress was gorgeous and flawless, but she had to keep her hands busy to stave off nerves.
            Her long pale hair was intricately braided with flowers woven in, also courtesy of her soon-to-be-mother-in-law. Erron had never been dressed and groomed so exquisitely. And for her wedding day no less.

A day she’d long since given up on even imagining.

Her stomach fluttered.
            She couldn’t help but glance over her shoulder from time to time. The chapel was dim and empty save them, but was her father around the corner? Would he burst through the dark wooden doors at any moment?

Norden was the only one who could destroy Erron’s happiness.
            Jarek grabbed her hand and entwined their fingers, squeezing gently and flashing a smile. She’d always thought him handsome, but dressed as fancy as she for their wedding, he had her heart skipping a beat. Fine dark brown leather breeches and a matching doublet brought out the color of his eyes and the long sleeved tunic was the same hue as her dress.

The tanner would soon belong to her.
            Kirgan and Anais would also exchange vows this day. The older woman was glowing in the pale blue gown, her long hair loose and down her back in soft waves. The style made her look turns younger. Her dress was embroidered in shiny silver roses, making her appear ethereal as light caught the threading.

On the short walk to the chapel, Jarek had teased his father for not being able to keep his eyes off his bride, but Erron’s fiancĂ© wouldn’t quit staring at her either. Her blush would become permanent if he kept it up.
            As her soon-to-be-father-in-law spoke to the priest she fidgeted against Jarek.
           “Love?” he whispered. “Are you all right?”
            “Yes,” she breathed, smiling and forcing a nod. Erron was equal parts overjoyed and paranoid that her father would appear and ruin things.
            Jarek smiled and leaned down. “I would kiss you right now if I could,” he said into her ear. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
            Her blush intensified but she looked into his dark eyes. Tenderness and heat that made her stomach flip. What would tonight bring? The night she’d spent in Jarek’s arms in Anais’s loft was more than pleasant, but innocent. Would her new husband accept if she wasn’t ready to make love? He’d told her he would wait for her. But was she ready? If not, when would she be? She had the urge to gulp.
            “You haven’t changed your mind, have you?” Jarek asked, his brows drawn tight as if he could hear her thoughts. “You still want to marry me?”
            “Of course,” Erron said, her words rushed. “I…was…contemplating tonight.”

“Nothing will be rushed into, love.” He smiled tenderly.
            She grinned. “Except our marriage.”
            Jarek laughed, nodding. “Yes, there is that.” His expression sobered and he cupped her face. “But it’s right.”
            Heart speeding up, she nodded. It was perfect, despite circumstances and worries about her father.
            The priest cleared his throat, smiling. “Are you ready?”
            Collectively they nodded, and Erron swallowed hard. Jarek took her hand and they stepped up to the dais next to Kirgan and Anais in front of the portly older balding priest of the Blessed Spirit.
            They would exchange vows at the same time and act as witnesses for each other.

The ceremony was short, Erron speaking when it was necessary and repeating the priest’s words when prompted.

Jarek’s eyes were only for her, and she couldn’t help but stare up at him as he pledged his heart, his life to her.

“I pronounce you men and wives.” The priest winked. “You may salute your brides,” he added, a grin on his bearded face.

Was this a dream? She was married? Wed to a man she’d fallen in love with?

Please let it be true. She didn’t want to wake up crushed if it wasn’t real.

Erron’s vision blurred, but she smiled, her heart leaping for joy when Jarek pulled her into his arms. She was vaguely aware that Kirgan had also drawn Anais to him, but then her husband claimed her mouth and she was lost to him.

Jarek pushed against her lips and she didn’t hesitate to open for him, her arms shooting around his neck as she pressed closer. She rubbed her tongue against his, her breasts heaving against his chest as warmth spread over her body, settling low in her belly.

He pulled away much too quickly, and Erron struggled for breath and coherent thought, never wanting to leave the circle of his arms. Jarek stared, his breathing as uneven as hers.

A chuckle broke their spell and Erron swallowed hard, forcing her gaze away from her new husband’s half-lidded dark eyes.

“Young people,” the priest said, but the smile on his face was bright.

Erron’s cheeks heated and she wanted to bury her face against Jarek’s neck.

“Save that for later, my lad,” Anais said, wearing an infectious grin.

Jarek and his father laughed and Erron’s face burned even hotter. Her husband pressed a kiss to her forehead and her lips before releasing her. “I love you. We’re married,” he whispered.

“We’re married,” Erron repeated. “I love you, too. Husband.”

“Wife,” Jarek said, his grin wide enough to split his face.

Her heart thundered as she reached for his hand and Jarek entwined their fingers. Could she really have a happily ever after?


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