Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fate's Call #8

This one was a toughy for me. The words were forced more than flowed. Hope you enjoy what I came up w/!

Erron looked up when someone called her name. Her heart stopped. Jarek, astride a dark horse, was on the road at the edge of the field she was plowing with Angus. She pulled the old gray horse to a halt and he whinnied, but she ignored him, her eyes on the man who hadn’t left her thoughts at all in the sevenday she’d been home from Dalunas Main.
She glanced over her shoulder at the cottage she shared with her father. All was quiet, but would he come barging out at any moment? Erron shuddered and looked back at her tanner.
The smile on Jarek’s face made her body flush. She shoved the wisps of hair from her eyes and swiped at her sweaty face. She must look awful.
“Erron,” Jarek repeated, hopping down from his mount.
Was he real?
He laughed. “Yes, I’m real. I’m really here.”
Heat crept into her cheeks. She’d spoken aloud?
Jarek jumped the fence and landed beside her. Erron stared up into his dark eyes. She didn’t pull away when he gripped her hand and caressed the back of it with his thumb. The move was soothing and warmed her. But it left her wanting.
“I told you I’d come for you. Did you not believe me?”
“I don’t know what to say,” she whispered.
Jarek flashed a smile and leaned down. Yanking her into his arms, his mouth came down on hers. Erron had dreamed about this—her first real kiss. Reality was so much better.
With the first move of his lips over hers, Erron snaked her arms around his neck and Jarek pulled her closer. The warmth of his body consumed her and she inched even closer to him, opening her mouth under his. He pushed his tongue inside, touching hers. Erron tentatively returned the movement. Someone moaned. She melted against him, her knees shaking. Jarek tightened his arms around her and kissed her harder.
The hard ridge of his arousal pressed into her belly, but she wasn’t afraid, she was—excited. Erron wanted more. Her stomach flipped, warmth settling low, making her achy.
Jarek broke the kiss. Her head spun, and she gripped his arms hard to stay on her feet. He groaned as his eyes raked her face. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he breathed.
Erron blushed and looked away. Her eyes swept the field and she froze in his arms. Anyone could have seen them.
“What’s wrong?” Concern clouded his dark eyes.
She pulled away from him gently and Jarek released her. Erron was cold without his arms around her. She shivered.
“My father could have seen us.”
Jarek’s brows furrowed. “About that—”
“You wouldn’t understand.  You need to leave before he sees you.” Her words were rushed and she had to bite her bottom lip to keep it from trembling. Her vision blurred and Erron swallowed hard. She would not cry in front of him.
He crossed his arms over his chest, his expression dark. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Erron stared. What could she say?
“I wish to speak with your father, so let him see us.”
She shook her head and took a step back. The wooden plow handle hit her hip and she wobbled. Jarek’s hand shot out and steadied her. Her heart thundered in her ears, her blood rushing from her face in a wave.
“Tell me what’s wrong.”
“…doesn’t matter. Just go. Before he sees you.”
            Jarek stared at her. She was practically pushing him to his horse. What the hell? She wanted him to leave? The way she’d kissed him back returned his kiss couldn’t have been faked. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Erron had been right there with him…until he’d told her he wanted to talk to her father. She hadn’t even asked him what he wanted to discuss. Her skin had paled out so much he’d feared she would pass out.
            He’d always known something was wrong. A daughter didn’t fear her father—and it was fear written all over Erron—like that without reason. But what was the reason?
            Cupping her shoulders, he shook her gently. “Erron, stop.” Her sky blue eyes went so wide the white of her eyes was visible all around.
            “Jarek…” Her voice shook, her body trembled beneath his hands, and she threw a glance over her shoulder, worrying her bottom lip.
            “I’m not going anywhere,” he answered, drawing her back into his arms. Her shoulders slumped and she collapsed against his chest. Jarek smoothed her hair. It felt so good to hold her he would take what he could get for now.
            “Why did you come?” she asked, the sound muffled against the fabric of his beige tunic.
            “For you, of course.”
            Pale eyes met his own. “Whatever for?”
            Jarek’s heart skipped a beat. What would she say to his confession? They didn’t know each other. They’d met literally two times, yet he was drawn to her with no explanation. Was it some latent magic? He could start fires and say a few spells, but nothing more.
He couldn’t see into the future, but this stunning girl was a part of his own as sure as a vision confirming it. There was no doubt. She didn’t love him. He didn’t love her. Jarek cared for her deeply, and once again, couldn’t name why if someone demanded it. Loving her would be without effort. And probably not too far off.
Jarek was enchanted with her, even in her current condition of too-pale skin and misty eyes, on the brink of tears that would kill him if she shed them.
“I want to marry you, Erron.” He took a deep breath and waited for her answer.


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  1. Oh Chrissy, my heart's constricting AGAIN (why, oh why do you do this to me??? LOL). I'm kind of dreading the day he'll know the truth about what her SOB father's doing to her. I know they'll be together in the end but, it's just, you know...!

  2. I almost screamed!! You have such a sadistic way of choosing when to be continuare.....grrr!!!! I' m bawling my eyes, shaking in anticipation and here comes the cOld shower and long waiting be continued!.... I love it!!!

  3. YAY!!!! I'm jumping right now! Nice one Chrissy!