Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Y is for Yours

*sniff* It's almost over. But, I love this one.

I don't have much to say, other than it's dedicated to my bestie, Jo-Anna.

Oh, and the couple is totally 100% newly made up. I don't know if they will appear again, but they might. One never knows ;)

Please enjoy!

WARNING: Yeah, I've done it again. There's some sex. Please don't check it out unless you're over 18.

Erron stared out the window of the cottage. Children shouted, playing with a brown ball Jarek had made for them. He was always so kind to everyone.
He’d given her everything. This home in Greenwald Main, love that she never imagined would be for her. Jarek never touched her with violent hands as her father had. He never forced himself into her; also as her father had, taking what should have belonged to Jarek.      
Her husband had taken Erron from her tragic past, moved them across the continent to Greenwald. He’d never faulted her for her stains. He’d showed her not all men were evil. Jarek loved her, held her, kissed her, made love her to with all that he was.
But none of the children she watched playing near the market streets were theirs. The five turns she’d been married to Jarek—the happiest turns of her life—she’d been unable to conceive.
He didn’t fault her, but Erron faulted herself. She wanted nothing more than to hold a piece of Jarek in her arms. To stare into deep brown eyes like his, brush dark hair from a little forehead, see a smile that was Jarek’s in miniature. Her heart thumped as her eyes remained trained on the boys kicking the ball back and forth.
The blanket she was knitting lay forgotten on her lap, fire crackling in the fireplace of their cottage, but it was almost too warm inside. Her husband’s magic kept the fire going.
It was a nice, early spring afternoon, but Jarek always insisted she be warm enough.
Erron should start their evening meal sooner than later. Jarek was a tanner by trade and they had been given some fresh venison by a neighbor in exchange for her husband’s services. She was planning on preparing stew. It was Jarek’s favorite.
The door opened just as she set the lid on the bubbling pot after a good stirring. It was almost ready. A clean masculine scent wafted in with the early evening chill, mixing with the pleasant scent of the food Erron was making. It tickled her nose.
She smiled at her husband as he hung his leather apron on a hook next to the door. “You bathed.”
“I did,” Jarek answered, throwing a grin over his shoulder. “I wanted to be clean for supper. Messy work today. You wouldn’t have wanted my company.”
“I always want your company.”
He came to her quickly and pulled her into his arms. She slipped hers around his neck, snuggling into his chest.
“I love you,” Jarek whispered, his warm breath on her neck sending a shiver down her spine.
Erron met his eyes, but before she could speak, his mouth settled over hers. She kissed him back, opening for him immediately. Their tongues touched, then danced. Warmth spread over her body, settling low as desire for him pooled between her legs.
He kissed her harder, melding their bodies from hip to hip, chest to breasts. Evidence that Jarek’s thoughts mirrored hers pressed into her belly.
“How long before the stew is ready?” he breathed against her mouth.
“Tubers were still a bit hard,” Erron answered, gripping him tightly so she wouldn’t fall on her bottom on liquid legs.
Jarek grinned pure mischief and swung her up into his arms. She kissed him and he groaned against her lips before taking control. He devastated her from the inside out. Erron was all need for him, and only him.
Cool sleeping furs were a pleasant feel on her naked form, but did nothing to calm her racing heart, heated body. Only her husband could do that and only after he was inside her.
He was on the bed lowering himself on top of her, then joined their bodies without breaking the seal of their mouths. Erron cried out with his first thrust, gripping his biceps and lifting her hips to take him deeper. She needed to get closer to him.
Their lovemaking was fast and frenzied but Erron didn’t care. She had Jarek moving in and out of her, touching her until her blood boiled for him.
Screaming their release at the same moment, Jarek collapsed into her arms, and Erron held him tight. He brushed a blonde curl from her heated face and flashed a smile.
“I’m sorry that didn’t have much finesse,” he whispered, pressing a tender kiss to her lips. “I needed you. I hadn’t seen you all day.”
“I love you,” Erron said quickly.
Jarek rolled onto his back, pulling her to him and chuckling. “I love you, too. So much.”
She sighed and cuddled closer. Erron laid her cheek over his heart. She could hear and feel it slowing from its frantic pace.
“Are you hungry, love?” Jarek answered sometime later, breaking what had become a companionable silence.
She lifted her head and met his dark eyes. “Yes. We should eat.”
They shared their meal at the small table in their cottage, speaking of nothing and everything. Erron smiled as Jarek talked, telling her of his day, what he’d accomplished, and what was left of his project for their neighbor and friend. His eyes lit up when he spoke of creating. He loved his work, and she loved him for it.
“How was your day?” he asked as he started to eat his third bowl of venison stew.
“Fine. It was fine.”
Jarek put his spoon down and their gazes locked. “Is something wrong?”
Erron shook her head and squeezed his forearm. “No, love. Everything is good. I’ll finish my blanket tomorrow.”
Her husband stared at her for a moment. “I’m sorry.”
“Whatever for?”
“We moved here to start a new life.”
“And we did. I love our life here, truly.” Erron’s tone was urgent. “Do you not believe me?”
Jarek nodded, but his eyes looked sad. “I know you want children—”
“The fault is mine.” Erron looked down.
“What fault?” he whispered.
“That I cannot—that we—” Tears cascaded down her cheeks.
Jarek pulled her from her chair onto his lap. His arms squeezed her against his chest and Erron buried her face in his neck.
“No.” His tone was vehement. “There is no fault.”
She didn’t know what to say, but she couldn’t look him in the eye. He held her while she cried, rubbing her back in warm circles until she calmed.
Jarek cupped her face when she lifted her head, wiping tears from her cheeks with his thumbs. “I believe the Blessed Spirit will give us a child when the time is right,” he whispered.
Erron tried to have faith and believe that, but it was difficult. Pain clenched her chest. She swallowed past the lump in her throat and forced a nod.
“You know something?” Jarek asked.
“I’m yours, Erron. Always.”
She smiled, her heart swelling with the love she had for this man. “And I am yours, Jarek.”
He kissed her and squeezed her against him. “Are you done eating?”
“Why’s that?” Erron asked, one corner of her mouth lifting.
“I’m not sure my…performance…earlier was the best it could be.”
“Oh.” She tried to keep her tone very serious. “Then perhaps you should try again.”
Jarek grinned and stood, swinging her up into his arms. He seared her mouth with a kiss by way of answer. Erron clung to him and kissed him back.       

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  1. Such a sweet tale. Days end and couple come together reaffirming their bond...LOVE that! I can't believe it's almost at an end! Great work, Chrissy!

  2. Sweet and romantic... *sigh*

  3. Love it!! Thank you for dedicating it to me. THAT means a lot!! xoxo

  4. I love it. :) You made me smile, feel horrified, then sad, then happy again, and then wistful for Erron. :)