Monday, March 12, 2012

U is for Union

Happy Monday! (If that's not a curse to say...type...out loud) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We're nearing the end of the alphabet, and I am still having a blast w/ this. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am.

This one turned out really great. :) It IS about the twins in "O is for Oracle." They are the mothers of Cera (multiple letters...the heroine of Sword's Call) and her cousin, Avery (featured in "B is for Book" as well as SC).


            The sweet scent of flowers wafted in the breeze, tickling her nose. Everalda smiled and closed her eyes. She tilted her head back and spread her arms wide. Childish desires to twirl made a giggle bubble up.
            “Evie?” The laughter in his tone made her heart skip a beat. Their eyes met, his warm hazel gaze dancing. His windblown dark locks and lopsided grin were about the most appealing things she’d ever seen. And he was hers.
            Falor pulled her into his arms and pressed a soft kiss to her lips that wasn’t nearly enough. “You look beautiful, my love.”
            “Thank you. But you’re not supposed to see me before the wedding.” She flashed another grin at his hearty chuckle.
            “Then perhaps you should have stayed inside the castle,” he teased.
            “But the day is so gorgeous, Falor.” He laughed again.
            Evie slipped out of his arms but stayed close, a hand entwined with one of his. She looked around the courtyard of the place that would be her home. It was lavishly decorated, flowers on anything that would hold them.
            A dais had been placed in the center, and rows of chairs in front of it. Family and friends would gather in a few short hours to witness the double union.
            Laughter caught her attention. Evie looked over her shoulder to see her twin dashing toward them, her ornate pale blue wedding gown hiked up, long red hair flowing behind her. Em had insisted that her husband-to-be, Everett, heir to the Province of Tarvis, liked it down.
            Everett was on her heels, laughing as much as her twin. She exchanged a glance with Falor and he shook his head at the other couple.
            “So much for decorum,” her fiancĂ© said, chuckling.
            The other man grabbed her sister by the waist and swept her into his arms, kissing her soundly.
            “Oh, don’t be so stiff, my lord,” Evie teased Falor. One corner of his mouth lifted and he caressed her cheek. Her heart stuttered. How was it that he could barely touch her at all, yet light her on fire for him from the inside out?
            Her twin grinned as she settled at Everett’s side, one of his arms around her shoulders. Em’s cheeks were pink, hair still gorgeous despite the unladylike sprint. Her gown was in order, the shiny fabric glinting in the sun.
            “Good day,” Em said, inclining her head.
            “How is the new Duke of Greenwald this fine morning?” Everett extended a hand to Falor.
            “Never been better.” The two men shook vigorously.
            “Fine day to get married,” Everett said, a twinkle in his golden brown eyes. Evie exchanged a glance with her twin and felt herself smiling again. Em looked about ecstatic as Evie felt.
            Em took a step away from her future husband and Evie wrapped her in a hug. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t seen each other moments before, but she needed to hold onto her sister for a moment. Her heart picked up speed.
            They were really doing this. Today. Both marrying the man of their dreams, and they would do it hand in hand, side by side, like everything else they had ever done in life. Together.
            Their father would be pleased, though the Blessed Spirit had taken him almost four turns before. They were marrying well, and for love. Almost a contradiction in their world.
            When the twins parted, they stayed side by side, hands entwined. Falor and Everett were looking at them, the same odd expression on their handsome faces.
            “I don’t know, Ev,” Falor said, looking at his long time friend. “Maybe you’re right.”
            “Hmmm, could be, Fal.”
            “What’s that?” Em asked.
            “Well, when you two stand together like that, we’re not sure who is who. Falor is worried about marrying the wrong twin.”
            Evie looked at Em and they both giggled.
            “Well, Greenwald, or Tarvis? I’m not sure which is better after all,” Em said, a delicate brow arched.
            Evie bit her lip to keep from laughing. Falor’s chiseled face was set, her love appeared very serious. Everett looked amused.
            Her twin took a step toward the two men. She looked them up and down, as if she was inspecting them. Then she patted Everett’s chest.
            “I’ll take this one,” Em announced.
            Evie made a show of swallowing hard and staring down her sister. “You’re sure? Once you pick, you know it’s final.”
            Em bowed and nodded. “Yes. This one’s appealing.”
            “All right, sister mine. You may have Tarvis.” She looked at her love and schooled her expression. “I guess I’m stuck with Green—”
            Falor snatched her to him before she could finish her jibe. His mouth claimed hers. Evie melted into his chest, heat rushing her body as she kissed him back. She shot her arms around his neck, clinging to him so she could remain on her feet.
            She panted against him when he ended their kiss, not daring to leave the security of his grip. He made her legs weak. Evie wanted him so badly. How could she wait until after their wedding feast this evening?
            “Settle for Greenwald?” Falor growled playfully, his lips hovering over hers.
            “I love you,” she whispered.
            “That’s more like it.” He pressed a quick kiss into her lips and grinned. “I love you, too, Everalda.”
            “I suppose that’s what we get, Fal,” Everett said, his tone amused. “They turned the jest onto us.”
            “Who was jesting?” Em teased. All four of them laughed.
            Time passed quickly, and soon they were on the dais in front of the priest, surrounded by family and friends. Evie’s heart skipped a beat. Soon she would be married. Soon she would be the Duchess of Greenwald. 
            Evie glanced at her sister standing at Everett’s side. Both were jittery, but their hands were clasped tightly together. Her sister wasn’t nervous about getting married; she was so excited she couldn’t stand still.
Em had wanted to meet and fall in love with Everett for turns, ever since the forced vision gone wrong when they were small. Though his name was unknown at the time, it hadn’t dimmed her twin’s desire to meet him. Evie suppressed the urge to shudder at the other part of the premonition, the evil, and the dark man. Today was a day of celebration, and she refused to remember those horrors.
The twins had learned their lesson well that day, they’d never misused their magic again.
            She looked at the man she’d come to love more than her own life. She may not have been as curious about him as Em was about Everett at age twelve, but she wouldn’t change a thing.
Evie slipped her arm around Falor’s waist as he pulled her to his side. “I can’t wait to belong to you,” she whispered.
            “You already do, Evie.”
            She locked gazes with the hazel eyes that shone only for her, and the world melted away. There was only this man, their love and her vows to him. She pledged her heart and soul to him.
Evie would love him for the rest of her life.
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  1. Hmmm, what to say, what to say.....

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    Another fabulous tale, Chrissy!!!! Have to say, this one is in my top favorites!

  2. :D This is reaaaallly good Chrissy! It got me smiling the whole time. Even though the bad premonition is at the back of my mind, the mood here is really uplifting. A fine day to get married indeed!!!