Friday, March 9, 2012

T is for Touch

This one is one of my favorites. As far as the timeline is concerned, it's somewhere after Sword's Call, and perhaps at the beginning of Love's Call.

The guy in this story is the subplot guy in the second book, Love's Call.

WARNING: Once again there is some intimacy here. Please don't read it if you're under 18. Thanx.


            She ran two fingers down his cheek and he closed his eyes, a sigh playing at his lips. When her mouth brushed his, Roduch buried his hand in her hair, yanking her down to him. He deepened the kiss, swallowing her moan.
            Their tongues dueled as she crawled onto his bed. Cradling the back of her head, he kissed her hungrily, devouring her. Her taste was sweet and wholly his.
            Roduch groaned as she straddled him, their naked bodies touching in all the right places. She splayed her hands on his broad chest, her palms teasing his nipples into blunt tips. His erection throbbed and he rocked under her. In response, she ground her hips into his and they both moaned.
            Breaking the seal of their mouths, her chest heaved as she gazed down upon him, a sexy half-smile on her kiss swollen lips. He met her gorgeous emerald eyes as he reached for her small, high breasts.
            Throwing her head back, she whispered his name as he cupped her, caressing and squeezing. He teased her nipples with his thumbs until they hardened.
            “More,” she ordered softly. Roduch complied, sliding his hand downward, past the flatness of her stomach and brushing his hand against the dark curls that guarded her core.
            He pressed his thumb into her most sensitive spot and she cried out. He rubbed until she writhed, whimpering and shifting. She gripped his forearms, her nails biting, but he didn’t care. Pleasuring her always made him burn for her. He brought her to the edge and eased back. He needed to be inside her when she climaxed.
            She met his eyes, begging, and he flashed a teasing smile. “Now, love?”
            Looking dazed, she nodded. Roduch gripped her hips, helping her lift up so they could join their bodies. As she slid back down slowly, her green gaze locked onto his. She taunted him and he bit his lip to keep from crying out.
            Bracing her hands on his chest she took all of him. Roduch groaned as he started to thrust and she undulated her hips. But then, he woke up.
Roduch growled and looked around. He was still in his room, but his lover was gone. He was alone in his oversized bed. He was even lying in the same position his lover had taken him in.
“Dammit.” He fisted his hands and slammed them into the bed on either side of his thighs.
            It was just a dream. The girl…his lover. His life. Just a wretched dream. Did the Blessed Spirit hate him? When would the blasted visions end?
            His magic was minor, but heartbreaking. Always visions of the same girl. They were indeed visions—too real to be a dream, but of what distant future?
            She was unknown to him. Her name, her location…the when of them finally being together.
            The visions had increased tenfold since he’d come to Greenwald. Since he was a tiny boy of seven turns, he’d been dreaming of the same girl. Diminutive, bright green eyes, luxurious long black curls, pale skin. They’d grown up together in the dreams.
She had a dimple in her chin and hands that brought him more pleasure in a dream than he’d ever found with another woman in reality.
            His body ached. His heart echoed the sentiment. The girl was supposed to be for him, but who was she? Where was she? Why had his magic kicked into over action when he’d moved to Greenwald?
Accepting the position as a knight of the Duke of Greenwald’s personal guard was something he’d never regret, but he’d give just about anything to stop the visions. Though Roduch didn’t regret being with his lover, not having her in reality was a fate worse than death.
His erection throbbed but he had no interest in alleviating his lust. His hand couldn’t hold a candle to his green eyed lass, vision or not.
Roduch sighed and sat up. Visions with no explanation were useless. He never voluntarily accessed his magic, but evidently he had no control while he slept.
Maybe he should request an audience with the duke. Lord Aldern had empathic powers. Perhaps he could tell him what to do. Or maybe Lord Dagget. He was a healer. Was there a way to block the visions?
His heart thumped and his stomach roiled. No. His body rejected the idea as much as his mind. He couldn’t stop seeing her, if his visions were the only way he was able to. Roduch would make them a reality if he could. He wanted—no, needed—to hold her for real.
“What the hell is wrong with me?”
Looking around his room, his eyes swept his sparsely decorated personal space. The mirror that hung over his chest of drawers was small and rustic, as every other piece of furniture in his sanctum. His bed frame, the desk and single chair, and lastly, a small table behind the door—they all matched. Stained dark, masculine. No touch of a woman in sight.
They were always in this room if the dream consisted of them making love. Always. Why that had never occurred to him before now was a mystery. Even his room in Castle Rowan in Terraquist had never graced his visions.
Did that mean she was here? In Greenwald? His heart stuttered. Could that be the reason his visions had increased?
Roduch closed his eyes, her laugh palpable. He could see her smile, the dimple in her chin more pronounced when she grinned. Her scent enveloped him. Longing hit in him in the gut. His heart galloped.
He had to find her. When would his visions give him a clue to make that possible?

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  1. dream sex! I can just imagine his reaction when he comes across is dream woman. She'll hate him on sight, because he'll be staring back at her...but then she'll recall that she'd been dreaming of him....Ahhh, dream lovers!!!

  2. WOW. Really, wow! :D I was shocked myself, damn that was just a dream? I feel sorry for Roduch, honestly!

  3. wait, I'll hazard a guess.. is the mystery lady Aimil...? :p