Monday, February 27, 2012

O is for Oracle

This one takes place the farthest in the past as far as my timeline is concerned. The twins in this story are the mothers of Cera (A, E, M--my heroine in Sword's Call) and Avery (B--also a character in Sword's Call)

Hope you enjoy. It's an important look in the past and a clue to Sword's Call's stoy line. ;)

Happy Monday!

“You have told hold my hands, Evie!” Frustration evident even to herself, Emeralda met her sister’s gray eyes—a mirror of her own.
Actually, it wasn’t just Everalda’s eyes that matched hers. They were identical twins, so they matched from head to toe.
“I don’t want to do this, Emie! I told you a hundred times.”
“But I want to know who I shall marry, and I can’t do it without you!” She would resort to begging, but didn’t think it would help much.
Evie had always been upset that her magic wasn’t as strong as Em’s, but at least she still got visions. They just usually weren’t as long or clear as Em’s. But to see the far future, she needed her twin. Although, even then it wasn’t a guarantee.
Their mother’s caution about the misuse of magic flitted into her mind but she disregarded it and stared at her sister. Forcing visions could have consequences. Em would worry about that later.
“I hope you marry an old toad,” Evie said, crossing her arms over her chest. Em giggled. Her sister’s expression was too silly to take seriously.
“If I marry an old toad, so will you.” Her twin bit her lip in an attempt to keep a straight face, but was soon giggling, too. They beamed at each other. “Please Evie? I won’t make you do anything with magic that you don’t want to do, ever again.”
“I don’t believe you.” Evie raised an eyebrow at her.
“I’ll try,” Em answered. She leaned forward, smiling sweetly.
“All right, but you will owe me. No argument.” Em winced.
That was never good, but to find out who she would marry was worth almost anything her sister wanted her to do, even switching with her to take an exam from their hardest tutor. She nodded and Evie grinned.
They joined hands and Em closed her eyes. Evie would do the same, as their mother had taught them. She opened herself to her magic, feeling it tingle along her arms, moving to and from her sister as well.
Sweat broke out on her brow as she delved even further, sensing her twin right with her. She wanted to see her future so badly. Em reached mentally, taking Evie along with her, guiding them because her twin wasn’t strong enough to lead, but together they were stronger.
She heard laughter first. The scene opened unto an unfamiliar courtyard so real it was as if they were really there. It was lavishly decorated with fresh flowers on anything with a surface or a place to hang them. A wedding celebration. Her heart leapt and her sister squeezed her hand. Good, Evie was still right with her.
Em saw a dark haired man with a redheaded girl on his arm. The girl was glowing in the pale green gown she wore. The couple smiled at each other. Love was evident.
But the girl was not Em. Instinctively she recognized the girl an older version of Evie.
Magic told her that her twin felt it, too. Disappointment threatened. Evie hadn’t even wanted to see who she would marry! Her twin sensed her feelings through their joined hands and gave her a squeeze of comfort.
A moment later, out of the castle door, another redheaded girl emerged.
She was holding her pale blue gown high, practically running toward the couple. On her heels was a handsome man with golden brown hair. They were both laughing as he gave chase and Em knew her older self loved the man. He was the man she would marry. Her heart pounded in her twelve turn old body and Evie squeezed her hand again.
It made sense that they would get married together, they did everything else together. The man caught her and swept her up into his arms. Her heart stuttered as he kissed her older self. Evie and her dark haired man smiled at each other as they watched, hands entwined.
The atmosphere clouded, becoming dark like a thunder storm rolling in. The vision they’d sought was taken over, becoming a premonition Em had no control over. It happened like that sometimes, she saw…things. She’d never dragged Evie along with her, but their shared magic would make it stronger.
The two happy couples vanished, being replaced by a dark man riding a black horse. A maniacal laugh jarred Em and she clung to her twin’s hand. Evie held her just as hard, nails digging in.
Scenes flashed before their eyes that two young girls should never see. Death. Blood. Magic.
It moved faster and faster, showing more and more horrors. Someone screamed, but Em couldn’t tell if it was real or a part of the vision. She tried to pull out, stop the magic but she couldn’t. Evie was just as helpless; she sensed her sister’s struggle to keep pace.
Her chest constricted. She couldn’t breathe. It was as if they were drowning.        
“Stop,” she shouted, squeezing her eyes shut.
Em panted, her chest heaving as the images finally ceased. They didn’t fade slowly, like most premonitions, but dissipated at once. Relief washed over her and she opened her eyes, meeting Evie’s gray gaze.
They said nothing to each other. Evie had tears streaming down her cheeks. The twins reached for each other at the same time. Hugging, clinging and sobbing.
Loss of control of her magic was the worst part of an unsought vision and Em had never been so frightened in her life. Her heart was still galloping, as was her sister’s.
“Dark magic,” Evie whispered against her shoulder. Em pulled back and wiped the moisture from her cheeks, then her sister’s.
“You felt it, too?” Her twin nodded.
“We have to tell Mother,” Em said.
“Tell her what?” Evie’s eyes were wide, her body shaking.
“Something’s coming, Evie. Something bad.” Her sister swallowed hard, tears welling up all over again.
The only unknown was when it would arrive.

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  1. Wow great job! This was awesome Chrissy! I don't think I would love to know (if I had the power) to find out my future...scary! Good job!

    1. Thanx Sonia! I tend to be impatient, so I would love to see my future!;)

  2. Great job I enjoyed reading this keep up the good work :)

  3. Nice one Chrissy! :) I'm really feeling scared and sad for the two girls right now... though I would suggest describing the last vision a bit more..? Just so we can really dive into the vision along with Emie and Evie even more. Maybe through flashes of colors or what the two girls felt, both emotionally and physiologically.. :) although this isn't in any of the books right, so it wouldn't matter anyway, hehehe!