Monday, February 13, 2012

I is for Intuition

This one is the like G was: very close to the actual timeline of Sword's Call. This one is probably a bit closer, actually. Hadrian is a secondary character, but very important to the storyline.

Hope you enjoy meeting him! He can be grumpy, but his bark is worse than his bite! Hehehe...

Hope this may help the Monday's COLD here in North Texas, AND it snowed! Ewwww....
            Hadrian cursed and snatched the parchment from his desk. He crinkled it and tossed it up in the air with one hand, and swooshed his wand the other. He said the word in his head and smiled as it burst into flames and disappeared. Not even an ash was left behind.
            Wand pointed at his inkwell, he muttered another spell word. The plug sailed up from his desktop and plopped right where it belonged, sealing off his ink.
            Composing a letter wasn’t going to help a damn thing. Who the hell was he going to send it to anyway? He’d made choices he couldn’t reverse. He put the quill down and sighed.
            A shriek grabbed his attention and Hadrian smiled at the little bird. He looked to the small nest he’d made on his desktop. The sparrow was young and smaller than most. It’d had a broken wing before the elf wizard had healed it. But he wasn’t quite ready to let the little bird go.
            “Shhh. I am sorry if I upset you, little one.” Hadrian’s small hand looked larger as he caressed the tiny bird, which leaned into the touch.
Better now, the little bird told him. Downy feathers against his fingertips, Hadrian stroked the bird again. The connection was a comfort to them both.
Animals had always been his strongest magic. They could link with him, feel his emotions. The same could be said of them, and it came in handy when they needed healing. He could speak with them. It wasn’t exactly words in his mind, but it was as clear to him as such. The intelligence level of the animal mattered not.
Much simpler than dealing with others, human or elfin kind. But his time of peace was ending. Someone was coming. Then there would be change, as strong as a summer thunder storm. But what would the aftermath be? It would take him places he had not contemplated in turns. He swallowed hard as dread threatened. The little bird screeched and flapped its wings.
Sad. Pain. Do not like.
Hadrian pulled away, breaking their physical contact with a silent apology and the sparrow calmed, fluffing the nest before settling.
He was a coward, really. Hiding near the Province of Berat for all these turns. Trying to forget but failing miserably.
The past was about to arrive, and there was naught he could do about it. The only mystery was where he would end up. Back home? Could he even hope for Aramour?
“Get it together,” he whispered to himself. The bird chirped, tilting its tiny head in question. “I’m not sure, but soon. You’ll be gone by then, my little one.”
The sparrow made a small noise of acceptance and Hadrian smiled again. They would part when they were both ready.
He’d never been known for the gift of foresight, yet who was coming was as clear to him as if he was reading the written word of a spell book.
It had started with dreams surrounded by magic. Familiar magic. His closest friend, the human empath, Braedon. Then Braedon’s son, Jorrin, half-elfin and half-human, and well grown by now. A white wolf and a redheaded lass were next…and a magic sword. Pieces of a puzzle that kept him up at night.
Hadrian grabbed his pointed black hat and shoved it onto his head, pushing his unruly white hair from his face. He had work to do. Sitting here stewing would solve nothing.
He stood from his work area and pushed the chair flush to the wooden edge of the table. The sparrow chirped and took flight, settling on his shoulder and putting a smile back on his face. At least the little one was loyal. He couldn’t say the same of himself.
            The day was unseasonably warm, the sun casting shadows through the tree canopy that edged the clearing of his small parcel of land. His cabin and small barn were set far off the road, but it mattered not. His interlopers would find him when the time came.
Winthrop, his elderly stallion, lifted his head and whinnied a greeting as he munched on hay from his trough. Hadrian’s magic tingled throughout his limbs as his eyes trailed the horse’s frame. Winthrop’s aches and pains were better this morning.
“Good, good,” Hadrian said, running his hand over the horse’s shoulder and across his back. Winthrop neighed as he continued to consume his breakfast. He liked the caress and wanted more. Hadrian complied, brushing his mount until his gray coat was shiny.
Then the elf wizard bustled about his property, completing his morning chores. The water trough was almost empty, so he waved his wand, muttering a water summoning spell. He watched as the deep well was filled again.
Satisfied, he continued on to his barn, hung up his horse’s brush and whistled to himself. Routine was good. Little thinking was involved.
The sparrow answered his tune from its position on Hadrian’s shoulder with one of its own. He reached up and gave the tiny thing a caress.
Time, it said.
“Is it time for you to go already?” he asked. But the answer was clear as the little bird rustled its wings.
He smiled and extended his hand. The sparrow hopped down his arm, stopping on his finger and cheeping. Healed. Good. Thank.
“You’re welcome.”
The bird took flight and Hadrian’s smile faded. Winthrop whinnied, but he ignored his old horse. They were coming. He needed to prepare.
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  1. Oh I wish I could be a little bird...hehehe

  2. I'm jealous of Hadrian, I'd love to be able to talk to the animals :) Also, I just knew that he wore a back, pointed hat.

  3. I love how his conversation with the bird goes! Bird is so cute!