Saturday, January 14, 2012

Silk Roses

So, when I got out to my car this morning, Shane, wonderful hubby that he can be sometimes, had left this cute lil sign and some silk roses in my car. It was really sweet. Made me smile.

But the best part was the email he sent me of a txt he had sent to his friend about his Walmart experience. (which is where he got the roses).

Check it out below, it's really funny!

Husband's txt to his friend:  

I went to Walmart tonight, I decided that I wanted to do something sweet for Chrissy. I wanted to leave her some roses in her car on the steering wheel and a note saying "have a happy Friday" So I came toWalmart. I went in to buy a fabric rose from the craft Department. I found one that has 7 roses on it, cost 94 cents. I walk to the front of the store and after waiting forever to check out the cashier gets to me. 

I hand her the 94 cent roses and she looks right at me and says "ah, are you going to propose to someone?" I just stared for a second....and just had to the economy that bad and has romance died so much that someone would spend a whopping 94 cents to PROPOSE?? 

I said, "uh, no. I just wanted to do something sweet for my wife." Crazy.

So now I'm sitting way in the back of the parking lot typing this out and I'm driving the security guard nuts, he's trying to figure out what I'm doing way out here!
Anywho, if someone used 94 cent flowers to propose, they deserve to be told no!!!!


I was highly amused. :)