Friday, January 20, 2012

Dependence On Technology

So, I suppose I, like many other people, are much too dependant on technology. Why do I say this?

Well, unfortuntaely I had a death in the family, of the internet router variety. And I learned something about myself: I AM ADDICTED to the internet! And, it was a case of "You don't know how much you need it, until it's gone."

Also, at the same time, my DVR died. (The Cable TV gods HATE me)

*sigh* It's been a few rough days.

I called my service provider AFTER having followed the *helpful* information on the blue screen of death I got on my TV as the *helpful* information suggested.

What did the Customer Service rep do? DISREGARD everything I told her regarding said *helpful* information on the blue screen of death, therefore extending our PAINFUL conversation almost an hour.


"I'm sorry Ms. Szarek (heavily accented) but it appears you need a new DVR and a new modem."


I thought there was supposed to be some SERVICE in Customer Service.


Well, I could only thank her and move on with life.

Hopefully my new equipment will arrive soon (they are mailing it) and I will get it all hooked up before the DTs hit me.

On the upside, I have PLENTY of time to write! NO distractions. (yeah, yeah)

Happy Friday!


  1. Hang in there! I'm technology dependent too. Maybe we should start a support group...

  2. I'm in for the support group. I live too far away to have highspeed unless I use a wireless provider. It's that or dialup...Grrr. And heaven help you if you need help. All customer service has been out sourced...okay...enough of my rant.

    I feel for you! We've all become addicts. Hang in there.

  3. I am in for the support group, too! We can't meet online. Hehehe. ;) Your rant is MY rant Jerrie. Definitely GRRRRR!

  4. OMG just be thankful it wasnt your cell phone!! My cell went out the other week and I felt as though I had lost an appendage!! Ahhh!! But Yeah for extra writing time ;)

  5. I'm having sympathy withdrawal pains just reading your blog if its any consolation :)

  6. Technology issues SUCK!!! But yay for time to write. :)