Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's only Tuesday but it feels like it should be Friday. It's been a busy and rough week. I am sooooooo glad I am off tomorrow, but it won't be a relaxing day. It will be a day for cleaning and prepping the house for the carpet cleaning guy to come next week.YAY for clean carpets but a big bummer that I will have to wait til then to put up the Christmas tree. But, that's okay. The house will be spic and span for the family on Christmas. :)

As far as writing, I am editing the second book in the series I am working on. I worked a little on my break at work but I hope to really dig in tomorrow evening.

And this w/end at work (yes, I work overnight again) I am hoping to not only edit, but add some short stories or something that I have written on my "Pieces of Me" page here. I am hoping you will all check it out when I get things posted.

Have a good rest of the week.

Happy blogging, reading, writing, whatever you do.  :)

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  1. Hope your Friday goes well and that you get all of the writing stuff done that you want to get done this weekend. I look forward to reading your short stories!! :)