Sunday, November 27, 2011


So, I kinda broke my own rule by not posting on Saturday, cuz I told myself I would try my best to do a daily post.

Well, sorry, I am going to try to make up for it right now.

As some of you know, I work at an Emergency Shelter for Teens. I work w/end overnights, and usually I get ALOT of writing done when I come in here. Well, last night I achieved the 4 Crits I had to do for some CPs and then I actually was able to review, revise and edit the first two chapters of the second book in my "Call" series that I am working on. YAY! GO me.

I had already made my mind up Saturday evening that I would 1). Play with my blog. Do more customizing and I have decided I am going to attempt to do a "Featured Book" Page or something like it where I can review books I have read....I am thinking I like the idea...what do you guys think?  If you have suggetions, or you want me to review YOUR book, I promise I will be nice. I am surrounded by so many awesome authors, it wouldn't be hard, anyways.  But, I digress.

and 2). I was REALLY going to dig in DEEP and get SOOOOO much accomplished on my book. Right? happens sometimes, life made some decisions for me that I didn't necessarily agree w/.

I came into work a bit early (just after 9:30) for a co-worker who's original plan was to leave early as well. But unfortunately life intervened for her as well....ANNNNNNND

We get a call from another co-worker who is in the van on the way back from the outing to the movie with 8 kiddos. They were RIGHT OUT FRONT of the Shelter on the main very busy road...ANNNNNDDDD

A DRUNK DRIVER hit them. NO JOKE!  Head on, even. So, we all scramble outside, as well as about half the Ft. Worth Police Dept. Two Ambulances, two Fire-trucks.

So, keep in mind I am working overnight. I will be on duty until 7:30am.

Two kids are hurt (MINORLY, no heart attacks please) and so yours truly has to go to the hospital with them because they are "in care."  *sigh*

THANK GOD they are okay, I REALLY DO!  HONEST.  But, we have to go to County Hospital and it ALWAYS sux.  Then, come to find out (I obviously didn't get the memo) it was CAR ACCIDENT SATURDAY in Fort Worth, TX. Wow...I wish someone would have told me.

We got to the hospital (them in ambulance, me in one of our other vans) at about 10:30. There were gurneys, injured folks and cops EVERYWHERE. You would have thought the place was the police station.

Well., X-ray was pretty quick.  Then we waited....and waited....waited and waited some more.  To the tune of 3:00AM.

The Doc came in and said "X-Rays look good. You can go home" ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH  Seriously?????????  They didn't even give them a PRESCRIPTION. 

Oh, and LET ME ADD!  HE didn't even step FULLY into the Trauma Bay to tell us!

So, therefore I am at *sigh*  It's 4:31 and I am ranting.

Wow, I should write a book, huh?


  1. Wow, what a night you've had. I'm sorry you didn't get to work on your book and I'm glad everyone came out okay.

  2. Wow. Sounds super stressful. I'm glad everyone's ok though. Hope you get the writing done that you wanted to do lastnight, done today or whenever. You can do it, I have FAITH!!

  3. That sounds like a typical day at my job, cept I don't go anywhere...I bet I have plenty of time to write a book if I wanted to! haha

  4. Thanx guys. Appreciate the support :)

  5. Geez, gah. There is nothing worse than sitting in the ER waiting room.