Sunday, February 7, 2016


Exciting news! I have a new release, and it's been out for a week or so, but I was waiting for all the retailers to have it live before I told you guys, in case yo didn't see it on FB or Twitter!

FATE'S CALL (A Novella from the world of the King's Riders) is now out!


A runaway daughter, seeking escape from abusive hands.
A journeyman tanner willing to risk safety to aid her.
When Jarek steps into the alley to toss out the trash, he finds Erron and can’t look away. Even when her father roughly jostles her out of sight, claiming she’d made a wrong turn.
He should leave well enough alone, but those desperate eyes haunt him. And he’s never been one to turn his back on someone in trouble, especially the most beautiful lass he’s ever seen.
He just never imagined it’d be his life in jeopardy, and his heart that needs saving.

Read an excerpt on my website! (or you can click on either picture here)

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*ARe to follow

If you're not caught up on The King's Riders, you're still okay checking out this novella! It doesn't have anything to do with the main arc in the series, it's a different set of characters' stories!

Friday, February 5, 2016

DEBUT Author! ROYAL HERITAGE by Theodore G. Rork!

Okay, tearing up here. I have a very special writer friend who has his DEBUT BOOK OUT! 
This is so awesome, I can't even express it!!

CONGRATS Ted!!!!!!!


The Pessiridis family—wealthy Greeks—sell their department store and flee their home in Russia because of the coming revolution. They take only a cache of smuggled FabergĂ© diamonds and rubies.
What should be an adventure turns into a nightmare when they narrowly escape capture by the Ottoman Empire during World War I. They once again flee and sail for Greece; forced to overcome loss and fight for survival. 

Murder and lingering wars keep them from their beloved homeland still, and they seek refuge that lasts years, until peace is restored. 

Finally, they make it to Greece, scrounging and living on the constant sale of precious gems, only to have tragedy strike when they lose their fortune and have to contend with World War II.
Over the years, the journey of life shows the Pessiridis’ that sticking together as a family is key. Together they triumph. Apart, will they fall?

 Buy it now!

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

FATE'S CALL Coming Soon!

SO It's been 100 years since I posted on my blog! 

I thought I would share some exciting news! NEXT Tuesday, 1/26/16 I have a new release!

FATE'S CALL  (A Novella from the world of the King's Riders) will be out!

This may sound familiar to you! And you'd be right. Erron and Jarek were “born” to me in the form of a serial, right here on my blog. This was before I was published (also mentioned at the end of this story, so make sure you check that out) and this is their story, but it’s been edited and expanded to include new chapters and details that weren’t there when it was in serial form. 

I adored them when we “met” and I couldn’t wait to revamp and share them with the world. So, if you’ve read the original version, please keep reading, the 2nd time around is so much better, expanded and edited! 

If you’re new to this story, I hope you adore it as much as I do!

If this teaser isn't enough, you can see an excerpt on my Website.

I'll check back in with y'all when I have links.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday: A first look at SUPERIOR COLLISION!

SO I haven't posted on my blog in FOREVER! I apologize for that. I am a super busy person, and unfortunately sometimes fall to the wayside. I hate that that's an excuse, but so true. I had major surgery at the March and it's taken way longer than I anticipated to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway, I HAVE been writing. :)

I'm working on CROSSING FORCES BOOK 5, SUPERIOR COLLISION which is Taylor and Shannon's book.

I thought I would share some of it this lovely Sunday.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Taylor glared at the little paper monster under the drivers’ side windshield wiper of her government-issue black Dodge Charger. It had the indecency of flapping in the winter breeze. Like it was waving hello—or laughing.  “A freaking parking ticket.”

Taylor makes me laugh. An FBI Agent with a parking ticket problem...

I'm working hard on this book, and I will be sure to keep everyone updated on where I'm at, and when it's coming out when I know more. (Gotta finish, first. LOL)

Books 1-4 are all out, and available EVERYWHERE! To check them out, and read excerpts, please visit my website!



Tuesday, March 24, 2015




We live. We love. We die. He is my ultimate undoing. She is my strength. He will destroy me. She will make me whole. I need him more than the control that he craves. I need her more than I need my next breath. He knows me. She sees me. As much as I want to, I can’t let him in. As much as I’ve tried, I can’t let her go. Together, we need him.




When J.M. isn't working her Monday-Friday 9-5 job, she's spending her time reading, writing and with the love of her life.
She's an all-around Canadian girl. Born and raised in a small city. If you don't see J.M. writing, you'll find her with her nose in a book. Whether it's her words or someone else's, she's drawn to it. J.M. loves stories with Alpha broken males and that need to be ripped apart and put back together again. Men that fall to their knees over a wink or a giggle from their females. Two things you will never find J.M. without; her cell phone and lip gloss. If she has both of those items, you have a happy girl. Since starting her writing adventure in 2013, J.M. has met many people, real life, online, in her head and she loves every single one of them. Without the support from others, none of this would be possible and she's grateful for all that has been given to her.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

COVER REVEAL: ROGUE'S CALL (King's Riders Book Three)!!

I am so excited for so many reasons! (One of which is I am FINALLY done with this book...LOL!)

So, this is the 3rd book in my epic fantasy series, The King's Riders and I am super in love with this story as much as the cover, and am glad to FINALLY share it with y'all!

It should be out no later than mid-April!

Here you go!

Here's the blurb in case it's too small to read:

She’s on the run, but doesn’t know it…

Raised in the security of the king’s castle, Lady Elissa Durroc remembers nothing of the death of her family or how she survived it. As an elemental mage with control over all four elements, her powers are rare. And coveted by dark magic. None darker than the mage who killed her parents.

When the king learns the mage knows Elissa is alive, he orders her to Greenwald under the guise of choosing a husband. Her protection falls to Sir Alasdair Kearney, a knight whose prowess on the battlefield is rivaled only by his appetite for women.

Alasdair’s not sure what to make of being a glorified nursemaid, despite Elissa’s beauty and intriguing magic. The rogue has rules. Rules that don’t involve being tempted by his noble charge.

Elissa is drawn to the knight, even though he’s not on her list of suitors. Can she guard her heart and her magic? And when the dark mage comes after her, will it be too late to matter?

If you don't follow my newsletter, you should. I will announce when the book is out. You can keep up with all my news by signing up here.

Miss the first two books?

Click HERE for Excerpt and buylinks!

Magic sword coveted by evil, Cera is on the run with her wolf when she collides with half-elfin Jorrin. Can their love conquer all? 

Click HERE for Excerpt and buylinks!

An order to marry takes away their will to choose. Will love or strife be found as a result of the king’s scroll?

Saturday, March 14, 2015


There’s no greater feeling for an author than typing “The End.”

It’s like the culmination of everything awesome. The story’s done, and hopefully the couple rode off into the sunset together for their HEA. In the case of mine, of course there’s a fabulous HEA. My inner hopeless romantic wouldn’t have it any other way.

But as much as authors hope readers share the same journey when they read the finish product, a reader can’t 100% understand what it’s like to write a book (unless the reader is a writer, too. Obviously authors read books. I read almost as much as I write)

When it’s my story, my couple, it’s not the same as when I pick up a book by my favorite author. It’s personal. And in a way, I go on as much of a journey as the couple.

I share their ups and downs, when they cry, I cry, when they laugh, that too. When they succeed, I feel like I do, too.

And when the book is over, I hope they feel like *I* succeeded in telling their tale. Then I can get it out in the world and hopefully readers will love them as much as I do.

No matter the book, I always end up with a crush on my hero, and many times my heroine, too. Even if they make me mad, (believe me, sometimes they do) I love them.

Come to think of it, writing a book from start to finish is kinda like raising kids. You want the characters to succeed as you watch them grow and change. You love them and are there for them through the good times and the bad. To get them to adulthood, and send them off into the world!

After such a journey, and spending so much time with them, typing “The End” can be a tad bittersweet. Sometimes I struggle to let go. Even as much as I love to jump to the next couple, the next story.

I guess I mourn a bit. Sometimes I take a day or two to decompress. And of course over-analyze if the book was actually ready to go to my editor. (After I hit send, of course).

Then those days, I think of them, often dream of them and wonder if I missed anything. Then I put those thoughts off until edits come back…lol.

Even if I start that next book, realigning my focus can be a challenge. The new book’s characters have to get in my face and remind me whose turn it is. Sometimes I need that, too.

No matter how many books I write, I love all my couples, and all my characters. They carry a small piece of who I am with them. That’s another neat thing about writing. They mean as much to me as my readers do!